10 Times Animals Looked As If They're Posing For The Hottest Album Cover

We could take notes on how to pose from these guys!

How well are you able to pose for photos? Would you say you're a noob at it or a pro? Or somewhere in between? Well, no matter where you might lay in this spectrum, you could still take notes on how to pose from these animals. These photos feature groups of animals which incidentally seem to be posing for the camera. And the way their poses have been captured in the photos make it look like they're posing for an album cover! And if album covers are any basis to deduce how good the album is gonna be, then these animals look like they're coming up with some revolutionary music and can drop the hottest album anyone has seen in a long time.

Well, reading all this, you might be thinking we're overselling this stuff, but frankly, we're not. And you'll realise that as soon as you scroll down and check these photos out!