List Of Marvellous, Huge And Enormous Creatures That Have Stood Tall On The Earth

Get ready to see your jaw dropping!


Have you ever had a dream wherein you wake in the panic of running away from a gigantic creature chasing you? How many times have you watched Jurassic Park and even dreamt of creatures coming to life from it? 

Well, here we get to you a compilation of the gigantic creatures that adorn or even adorned the earth with their majestic size. Some of them had been or are so huge that humans seem like a tiny pebble, in comparison. 

The most common creature that comes to our mind when we talk about the massive size of animals is the Blue Whale. Obviously, that is on the list, but there are many others of which you did not know. From those huge snakes to dinosaurs to apes, we have been pretty averse to enormous species, thanks to the wild and vivid imaginations in the movies of the kinds of 'Jaws', 'Godzilla', 'Deep Sea Blue' and so on which made us hold onto our butts while watching them. 

All facts have been sourced from Wikipedia.