This Adorable Collection Of 'Then And Now' Dog Pics Will Cheer Up The Saddest Souls

Cuteness alert!


Growth in living beings is inevitable and cannot be curtailed, whatever, and however, you try. How we wish we could go back to our carefree childhood times and never grow old but who can dare fight or go against mother nature. All we can do, as humans, is capture the moments and re-live the memories while going through the nostalgia-oozing throwback pictures.

Fortunately, today, we have such amazing and technologically advanced cameras and mobile phones that can capture each expression vividly and allow us to delve into the past effortlessly. It is indeed amusing to click pictures of our kids and/or pets – especially our canine buddies - while they are tiny, and then continue capturing their growth at every stage, sometimes by recreating the same pose.

An online portal asked their readers to submit the pics of their dogs growing up, and as expected, the response has been overwhelming. We thought of sharing some of the most adorable pictures of the lot with our readers and have them join in the fun. 

Scroll down the list and dance away your blues…