This Newborn Kitten's Photoshoot Is Literally The Best Thing You Can See Today

Can anything be cuter than this? 

Every grandparent loves to celebrate the birth of their grandchild. They are extremely delighted by the little bundle of joy and they end up taking a thousand pictures to capture the cuteness residing in the adorable one. It is often seen in every other family that the kids share a very different bond with their grandparents than they share with their ma-pa. To get that love and affection between grandparents and kids captured can actually be the best thing that can happen to anyone.

That's exactly what this photographer did when her daughter got a newborn. But the only twist was, the daughter got herself a newborn kitten. But as it happened, the grandmother went ahead with the photo shoot anyway and you can find out how amazing the photos have turned out to be. The pictures will make you believe in the power of having moments captured and saved.

Here are some 'aww' inducing photos of a young kitten.