26 Perfectly Timed Dog Pictures That Will Leave You Laughing

#13 is pretty hilarious


A dog is man's best friend and his most selfless companion. Dogs love you and expect nothing in return, but love. They are not materialistic, they don't need any jewelry, or money, just your affection. 

They know when you are sad, or down, and they come to you and cuddle you. Or when you are happy and peppy, they come and play with you. They sense you and react accordingly. How can anybody not like them? 

It doesn't matter if you are a cat person or a dog person, or even a normal human, but these pictures will certainly crack you up. Their cute faces, paired with childlike innocence and timing, make it practically impossible for anyone not to like them. 

Here are 26 most perfectly timed dog pictures, some of which are photoshopped, that will tickle your funny bone, and leave you laughing! 

Have a look. And enjoy.