Angela Merkel And Trump's Viral Photo Launches Thousands Of Memes

Hey, who said Make America joke again?

G7 Summit in Canada: When Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel shared a picture with President Trump on her official Instagram account, the pop culture invented a new trending meme on the internet. After all, the photos hide a thousand emotions, and this particular one was special for a lot of reasons.

The image features an unsmiling Merkel (banging on the table against Trump) and surrounded by other world leaders. The world leaders include names like Japan's Shinzo Abe, France's Emmanuel Macron and Britain's Theresa May. All were looking into President Donald Trump's eyes as if saying "You can't do this to us, Mr President." While remaining seated, crossing his arms with a stony look, Trump showed a sign of stubbornness in body language (as usual). No doubt this moment deserved a meme indeed.

Out of thousands of memes we had to pick from, we've compiled a tailored list of 10 famous trolls that are hilarious AF.

Have a look!