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Story Of The Family That Underwent 13 Breast Implants Will Leave You Shocked 

People love to follow the trends set by celebrities, and they do that even by wearing what they wear or following their fashion lines. Well, that is something you see people doing on a daily basis generally. But today you'll be reading about a family who has gone through multiple boob jobs. In total, the family of Chantal Marshall (mother of 9), five of them have gone through 13 breast implants worth £50,000. Surprising, ain't it? I wouldn't keep you waiting for much longer, shall we proceed then and know all about the family in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.

Meet Chantal Marshall and daughters.

Chantal Marshall believes that breasts make her feel young. The same teaching has been passed on to rest of the daughters, who also have gone through multiple implants except Britney, youngest of all the sisters (centre). Chantal also loves to see their daughters in the fake look and thereby believes that someday Britney will be convinced for the same.

3 litres in total

There is a total of 3 litres of silicone present in the five ladies - (from left) older sisters Emma and Ripley, Britney (doesn't want the implants), mother Chantal, Terri and Tara. 

From 1996

Chantal went through her first implant surgery in 1996 for £3,200 for enlarging her boobs from 34B bra size to a 34DD. She has spent a total £18,000 since then to make her breasts a 32GG.

A loan too for the implants.

Not only that the sisters and mother shared a sum of £50,000 for 6 pints of silicone but, one of them - Ripley even had to take a loan of £2,250 to pay the half bill. Each of them had saved individually for their operations.

University dreams

Britney, the youngest, turned out to be different and wants to go and study in a university. She idolises her sisters but was never interested in getting a boob job.Source

Dye, make-up and tan!

Grown up Britney might not be into fakeness but, she does dye her hair blonde, use make-up and tan. When she goes out, people often mistake her for their sisters, and she laughs about it.

Four sons

Chantal also has four sons, one of them is Danny says: “I think it’s hilarious. I don’t understand girlssometimes.”

Britney's reconsideration

“I’ve talked to my mum and sisters about it and they really love their boobs and the attention they get. Maybe I’ll decide to get them too and start saving in a few years. But for now, I want to focus on my school work." said the youngest sister.Source

Mother's inspiration

Chantal's appearance was getting affected after her pregnancies, so she decided to go for implants. "It’s made my life better. I really like the look of celebrities like Katie Price. My boobs make me feel amazing and have transformed my life. I’ve got the boobs of a glamour girl, and I think I look amazing. It’s like being young again," the woman said.

Celebrity Fame

The group of ladies have also earned the name of The Kardashians of the East Midlands, who have been obsessed with their looks.Source

No competition

Chantal says, "There’s no competition in our breast size — Terri’s got the biggest. They are enormous."Source

Some don't support

Apart from Britney, Mrs Marshall didn't get much support from her sons too. She says, "Some of my sons think we’re crazy. They keep telling Britney she should be different."Source