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10 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For Your Health

We all have received slaps on our hands while biting our nails by our mothers, or our fathers scolded us while we were fidgeting. All of these and many more of such activities have been put under the tag of 'Bad Habits'. But honestly, are they? Are they really bad, or is there a good side to them? Can you believe that picking the nose and eating it is good for you? It sounds awkward but it is true.  And let's face it, each one of us has one or more such habits that are said to be 'bad'. But even so, there is not much to worry about.  Experts have revealed that they can be beneficial to some extent. The Sun has listed some of such human habits, and you will be surprised to know how they benefit health.  So, why wait? Check it out and explain them to your parents!       

1. Fidgeting

Fidgeting actually burns 350k calories in a day. It stimulates neurochemicals and converts body fat into energy. Fidgeting is good for metabolism.    

2. Playing video games

Video game addiction can be tiring and time wasting, but studies have shown that cancer affected kids who were given to play video games after chemotherapy used fewer painkillers than others. Video games also build coordination between hands and eyes.   

3. Skipping a shower

Skipping a shower occasionally is good for our skin. Frequent rinsing washes away the good bacteria that exist on our skin. Natural oil keeps skin soft and tender as well.    

4. Daydreaming

Daydreaming can be seen time wasting, but scientists say brain seems more active in imagination. A research by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences states the brain functioning during daydreaming is similar to the brainstorming while solving a complex problem. Source

5. Biting nails

Biting nails may be a dirty habit. But experts say it improves immunity.  

6. Picking the nose and eating it

Ew... Picking the nose and eating your own snot is a pretty dirty habit. But Dr Friedrich Bischinger, a lung specialist, claimed in 2008 that this is quite good for your intestines and can help in building better immune system.  

7. Swearing

Dr Richard Stephens from Keele University,UK, says swearing is effective for instant pain relief.  

8. Chewing gum

Chewing the gums can boost energy and mental alertness. Dr Kin-ya Kubo says consuming chewable items before any task increases brain functioning. 

9. Drinking coffee

Coffee is said to be unhealthy but consuming coffee is beneficial for the diseases like Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, liver cancer etc. 

10. Napping

Nappers are often said 'lazy' but it is actually good. A power nap helps to boost energy and mood and it also raises mental awareness. So, it's time that you bite your nails or daydream with pride. And if somebody stops you from doing it share this article with them. Also, share your thoughts in the comment section.