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33 Illegal Photographs Captured From Ultimate Heights

When you're young and wild, you know your life is full of adventures. This is so true for some of the urban climbers who are not scared of dying and literally fear nothing. Some of the Russian climbers have decided to climb the tallest building in the world. They have travelled to Dubai, Hong Kong and Germany to take breathtaking photographs. All of these photographs will make your heart skip a beat. Do not dare to try these stunts as these guys are trained professionals and choose to live their life dangerously. These daredevils have captured photographs from the craziest of heights and have walked there without the fear of death, only with a goal to click stunning landscape photographs. Each picture will give you chills which you can't even think of. These kinds of stunts are banned and should not be tried at all because they are highly risky.  Share these stunning pictures with everyone.

#1 Tallest Building in China (632m)- The Shanghai Tower

This stunning photograph by an urban climber is from Shanghai Tower, which is truly impeccable. It took 6 years to construct and a whopping $4.2billion. The height of the tower is 632 metres which makes an amazing sight for the landscape lovers. However, we truly advise you to stay away from doing such stunts.

#2 On a Hong Kong skyscraper

#3 Russian daredevils Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov 

Its construction took 6 years and a whopping $4.2 billion. It's just spell-bounding!

#4 On the roofs project in Hong Kong.

#5 Yes, again on world’s second largest building, in China.

#6 Nike is all it takes for him to reach there!

#7 Night Birdseye at Hong Kong.

#8 And he captures a wonderful shot.  

#9 Real life spiderman.

#10 On the Top of Christ Redeemer.

#11 Risking his life for the shot, Jesus!

Christ the Redeemer is an Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and it is 30 metres tall.

#12 Cologne Cathedral, Germany.

#13 Clicks around Hong Kong

#14 And the world looks tiny.

Cologne Cathedral is roman catholic Church in Cologne, Germany. Its height is 157 m.

#15 World's Tallest Tower (till 2012), Princess Tower, Dubai

#16 Selfie at 101 story building!

Princess tower in Dubai is a 101 storey building. The height is 414 meters. It was the world's tallest building till 2012.

#17 Clicks around Dubai.

#18 Europe's Tallest Buiding- Mercury City tower- Russia.

#19 The tour is ON!

#20 On the tallest building in Europe!

Mercury City Tower in Russia is the tallest building in Europe surpassing London's Shard building. Its height is 338 metres and has 75 story- skyscraper.

#21 Some other spot around Russia.

#22 Eiffel Tower, France, Paris.

#23 I am speechless now!

The Eiffel Tower is an iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris. It's height is 301 meter.

#24 Sagrada Familia, Spain.

#25 His love for construction sites!

Sagrada Familia is large Catholic Church in Barcelona, Spain. The height is 170 metres.

#26 Warsaw city center, Poland.

#27 They completely trust each other!

#28 Benidorm, Spain

#29 A good morning's sleep!

#30 Tom Ryoboi, Toronto Based photographer loves greatest heights.

#31 A Superhero!

Thrill-seeking photographer Tom Ryaboi continues to scale the tall skyscrapers of Toronto. He risks his life.