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These 16 Pictures Perfectly Depict Single Life Vs Married Life

You are always a 'knot' far from seeing a 180-degree change in your life. Before you commit to your man and be a part of his life forever or vice versa, things change for both of you. After you have tied the knot, priorities change, perspectives change, and all this has a great impact on the lifestyle you were leading. There are certain things you're not able to do after marriage and certain things you don't want to do which you were a part of when single. One thing I'm sure of is that almost everybody loves the concept of living and dying together but every other time fails to see the obvious. The obvious meaning the undesirable turn of events which I bring to you now:

The weight flux is pathetic

They say marriage is a bowl of sweets. Singles want to get married, while the married (most of them) want to be single again. And man, the number of changes after marriage is beyond words. Here are a few posters which depict the 180-degree change that comes in the lives of both men and women after getting married. Just like weight, you also realise life's not a movie. You'll understand in the very next image.

Real-life statistics

To all the single people out there, pay heed! That's all the reason you need to get married.

The love for kids

I know while your single life is trending on social media, you love to click pictures with cute little kids. It changes soon after you have one of yours.

After marriage

We stop valuing things once we own them. Similarly, now when you have one of your own, then you're busy watching other single people's selfies with a kid like yours.

Sunday night parties

You might not get laid daily but still have a lot of perks on the other hand, including the late night parties. Enjoy as long as you can, since the 'picture' is about to change.

Sunday afternoon gatherings

Everything's changed except Sunday. Also how you spend your evenings after a marriage sees a turnaround. But, let's go over what you used to do on a Sunday afternoon before getting sloshed.

Afternoon's full of PS games

Forget about after marriage, once you've exchanged rings, the only meaning you understand of PS is Post Single life. 

Post Single shopping

Don't get offended girls, but that's a picture which tells all tales.

Watching movie

As long as you two are single, there's all the spice one can imagine of in life. That changes when she becomes your wife and dislikes what you love to see.

Post marriage movie preferences

I guess the image is self-explanatory when your eyes are stuck to the screen, and your wife finds it, well, fill in the blanks.

Fun filled sessions 

Enjoy as long as you're able to play games like twister or strip poker because after marriage there are only board games of another level waiting for you.

Fun craving sessions

Times when you just look for fun even from rolling dice for your kids.

Social standing

Your status quo on the Internet changes in ways you never imagined.

Decision making skills

You suddenly learn a lot on deciding what to do when, because when wife calls, even if you're on Mars; you have to be there.