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These Disturbing Illustrations Carry The Perfect Hidden Message

Waldemar Kazak is a Russian artist who has taken the combination of imagination, creativity and illustration to a new height. He skillfully turns the various social aspects into the incredible pictures. His artworks mainly cover the real picture of society regarding love, relationships, discrimination etc. Kazak creates every image so deeply, and many of them contain sexual illustrations. So, they create controversies at times. But, each one of them carries a hidden meaning and is worth a watch. Go through these surreal images from his collection and find out the hidden meaning that Kazak wants to reveal.  

1. Glimpse of a cafe. Kazak named it, 'Silk food'. 

It couldn't have been named more appropriately. 

2. Is that her father?

Who other than Kazak could have illustrated it like this? 

3. What do you think he might be thinking?

Do pizzas come so easily?  Source

4. The picture is aptly named as 'Loneliness'. 

A mirror image of present day women? 

5. Kazak's illustrations flirt with social realities.

The struggles of a middle class family!  

6. A-class women.

A virtual image of socialites? 

7. Wherever women are, eyes are there to stare.

Well, `pigs' are found across the globe.

8. And see this...

Group discussion on how to find a way out of slush? Or how to get into slush. 

9. Kazak's pictures leave the viewers with deep thoughts.

A mechanised life, a reality of 21st century.  

10. These illustrations are on sale as well.

A woman with no brain? Hard to believe! 

11. Religion is might, but...

Jesus, save the king.  

12. Social crimes are omnipresent.

Some things never change. 

13. It's Monday and the picture is worth 20 Euro. 

Monday is the day when you want to start your week on a high note. But ground realities are different.  

14. Ready to serve.

An attempt to depict fantasies with tinge of reality. 

15. Save the nature otherwise, it won't save you. 

An effective way to convey the message. 

16. Suffering...

Harsh reality of present day world. 

17. This is named 'Hero of revolution'. 

Reality expressed in a bizarre way.  

18. Robin Hood’s arrow. 

Difference between what one wants and what one should aim at.  

19. Obsessed and addicted.

This is crossing all heights.    

20. Kazak's art touches the heart straight.  

Old man and the sea.