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13 Most Hilarious Ways To Reveal That You Are Pregnant

Technological innovations are wonderful but sometimes they cause incidents, which are funny and hilarious. And they appear unavoidable.  Sometimes, it's the auto-correct which creates troubles, sometimes we hit the send button as a result of which the message does not go to the person for whom it is intended.   Being pregnant is an amazing feeling that a woman goes through. But 'amazing' is subjective as it isn't always portrayed as the best news to the fathers or the families. Sometimes, maybe because they aren't ready or maybe they are too young.    Whenever a woman gets pregnant, it's hard to reveal it to others. Sometimes, these revelations can turn funnier. And most of the times, these revelations actually happen with slip-ups. WittyFeed brings you hilarious messages that are compiled below.Have a look. And enjoy!        

1. Jokes will never stop. 

An honest clarification from a daughter. But I don't think that the mother meant it, literally.  

2. Ugly love? 

What a magic show. I could see a relationship disappearing into a dark, hateful abyss.  

3. Never Mind, it is Dad-Son moment.  

That moment when the D A D hormone struck without a clarity of thought. Hilarious.  

4. The tongue in cheek mom.   

Well, at least the baby will be loved. 

5. Both are pregnant.

This mom has no chills. Way to go! 

6. College Result - epic fail.

Sometimes, being patient is better than having such a travesty.     

7. Aw, Snap!

Wait, What?? 

8. Crazy Daughter - Mom.

The mom is like - "Haha. Been there. Done that... I am your MOTHER for a reason!" 

9. Pregnancy time. 

Parental hypocrisy done right! 

10. Revealing to the stranger? 

"Nothing, Just Practicing!"... I am pretty sure that the stranger must have felt like - "Is that Betty? That's not Betty. Please don't be Betty!"   

11. The caring mother.

Looks like Sophia is gonna to beat her ass.   

12. Cookie will be missed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, setting the priorities straight, World's Best Goddamn Father, right here. 

13. Sent to the wrong person.  

The best form where you see a failing attempt. You actually feel bad for her. I hope this made you laugh. If it did, share these with your friends and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.