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10 Most Popular Portrait Photographers In The World

Everyone sees the world with their own perspective. And then there are photographers, who do not just have their unique point of view, but also the ability to make the world see it their way.Portrait photography is not only about wandering at the places and capturing people in camera randomly. It is all about owning the emotions and spreading humanity around the world.  The travel photographers are the brain behind portraying different cultures and lifestyles of people through their camera in the world. They exhibit wonderful photographs through several media and generate emotions in us. At times, they bring smile on our face. At times, they astonish us with their subject.   Here are world's 10 best travel portrait photographers.   And I bet, the pictures below will surely take your breath away with every page you flip. So dive in!  

1. Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is popular for his photograph, titled, Afghan Girl. The photo of this Afghan girl which he captured in 1984 in a refugee camp, Peshawar (Pakistan), became hugely popular. The photo is often compared to Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.  

One more picture from Steve's collection.

Another click from his amazing collection - Red Boy - taken in Mumbai, India.  

2. Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries loves to capture wanderers and homeless people. He depicts the human sentiments and emotions through the eyes of people. 

Lee has a wide collection of black and white snaps.

The soulful essence of this old lady in entrancing. A beautiful portrait, indeed. 

3. Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson has traveled to 16 countries and photographed tribal and indigenous people. 

His photographs convey the message of unity in diversity. 

These images encapsulate the nativity of these tribal people beautifully.  

4. Rehahn

Rehahn is a passionate photographer who has spent his time in capturing the amazing people of Vietnam, Rajasthan(India) and Cuba.  

Expressive eyes. 

Rehahn has this unique trait to capture the inner expression through people's eyes.  

5. Eric Lafforgue

Eric Lafforgue is popular for his beautiful photographs captured in different countries. Both of these images are from India.    

He has photographed people of different tribes.

He has taken photos of cultures and civilizations that use makeup - not just to enhance their beauty, but as part of religious rituals, to promote good health and even to showcase different class systems in society.   

6. Manny Librodo

Manny Librodo's photographs are pretty, fascinating and leave a magical effect on anyone who sees them.  

He has won several awards for his stunning photographs. 

Manny’s photos don’t just tell a story, they are a pure work of art.  

7. Lisa Kristine

Lisa Kristine has photographed indigenous cultures in about 100 countries.  

She exposes the distinct features of cultures.

Her photos speak of raw emotions that appeal to everyone who sees them. 

8. David Lazar

David Lazar has travelled Bangladesh, Brazil, and Kenya to captivate the moments of people's life there.  

His photographs reveal the beauty of the cultures.

The beauty of these photos is just enchanting.

9. Joel Santos

The passion for photography can be seen clearly in Joel Santos's pictures.  

An innocent girl gives a meaningful look.

The look of these portraits says it all. Joel Santos demonstrates the feeling of his subjects. 

10. Phil Borges

Phil Borges has a beautiful collection of Tibetan refugees' photographs.