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This Is The Perfect Engagement Ring According To Her Zodiac Sign 

For any couple, the moment they propose their significant other is the most precious occasion. So you've planned to propose to her this week and are busy planning the romantic date of proposal. Apart from the candle light dinner and background romantic music, don't forget, your girl deserves a gorgeous engagement ring. The one she can flash before her friends subtly and make them jealous. But make sure that the ring is definitely hers, the one which matches with her personality. And how do we get to know that? Astrology, of course.  Apart from all her traits, zodiac signs also speak about her fashion sense and love for colors. Whether she's an independent Aquarius or a bright and loud Leo, there's a special engagement ring for each of them. Check out which is the one for your girl!  

A Perfect engagement ring.  

The right ring matters because the perfect engagement ring will make this precious moment extra-special.

Aries, Ruby Diamond ring in white gold.

The bold and beautiful Aries deserves equally bold colors like red. Boldness and confidence define an Aries girl, so a perfectly sized ring would be the best.  

Taurus, White Diamond ring. 

Nothing makes a Taurus girl happier than a pastel pink diamond studded ring.    

Gemini, Marquise cut Diamond solitaire ring.

Gemini girls love to mix things up and are extremely fond of surprises. Diamond is their favourite and they can literally pair it up with anything. And do that gracefully.      

Cancer, Pearl and Diamond ring.

Shiny white and silver dominate her wardrobe, so nothing but a pearl will win her heart.   Source

Leo, Ice Yellow and White Diamond ring.

You know she’s bright, she’s loud, and man, nobody knows how to make a grand entry the way she does! So make her finger look brighter and elegant with a warm color ring and see her glowing more than ever!  

Virgo, Sapphire Gold Twig Solitaire ring.

She’s a close analyser, and she loves to check out her ring from every angle to see how it glistens. So give her a curvy and sparkling diamond ring and let a smile come on her face every time she looks at the engagement ring.     

Libra, Diamond and Blue Sapphire ring.

Blue is her color, and not just any blue, but the one between royal and deep navy blue. And so, sapphire is her thing. Get her a piece braided with diamonds and sapphires and make it a symbol of your love.  

Scorpio, Princess Black Diamond and Ruby ring.

An ordinary diamond ain’t enough for a Scorpio, as she loves dark intense colors like red and black. Jazz up the ring with Ruby stones and win her heart that very moment!   

Sagittarius, Purple Spinel and Diamond Filigree Trinity ring. 

Purple is her power color, and a perfectly sized ring will steal her heart. 

Capricorn, Princess cut Diamond ring. 

Princess cut is her thing, and she appreciates fine craftsmanship. A diamond stunner is perfect for her finger, and trust me, she’ll always keep it polished and sparkling!  

Aquarius, Turquoise Tourmaline ring.

The independent spirit of an Aquarius girl can carry every bold piece of jewellery, and Turquoise is her color for sure.   

Pisces, Old Bond Street.

The zodiac fish loves the sea green color, and a diamond that brings out the image of a sparkling ocean is perfect for her.  

So, happy wedding!

We hope the proposal goes well, and may you lead happy life together!   Share and comment.