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This Newborn Was Covered With Hundreds Of Birthmarks, But Look At Her 20 Years Later...

“Everyone is born to look different, and we should all feel beautiful in our own skin.” A teenage girl shares this great thought with us.Ciera Swaringen is a 20-year-old girl who lives in Rockwell, North Carolina. She was born with hundreds of over-sized mole-like birthmarks covering her entire body. It is a rare skin condition, which happens to one in every 500,000 people.  Ciera’s parents nurtured her like their other kids and admitted her to a school, where unfortunately she had to endure cruel taunts from other children and adults as well. She was nicknamed 'spotty dog' by school bullies and some outrageous guys literally called her by this name on her face. But, she developed a positive attitude towards her birthmarks. Yeah! She felt different but not in the way she was supposed to be. Ciera never hated herself for having the birthmarks which cover her entire body. Instead, she embraced them and chose a happy life.

Ciera was born with birthmarks which cover about 70% of her body. 

She says, she never felt bad about having birthmarks but had to face bullying her whole life. She ignored everything and accepted happily what she was born with. Ciera has set a great example before all of us. 

Ciera confessed...

"One day I remember being on the school bus and hearing a young boy laugh at me and call me a spotty dog."

She also said...

"Teenage boys are usually the first ones to comment when they see me. It really knocked my confidence; I was only young, and it made me feel different to the other kids like something was wrong with me."

She feels lucky to have grown up in a small town.

"I feel lucky to have grown up in a small town because most of the people around me know about my birthmarks, so I felt quite normal."

But the things get difficult for her outside the town.

"Over time I've learnt to brush off negative comments and remember that most people stare and say cruel things because they're not used to seeing someone with my condition."

Ciera wearing a bikini posted her picture on the internet, in which all her birthmarks were visible clearly.

Several bullies got a chance to poke her on her rare skin condition.

She says...

"My mum told me that my birthmarks were angel kisses."

"And my dad is the first person to stand up to defend me if anyone says anything horrible to me."

She feels proud to be different.

"I'm so proud to be different and, at the end of the day, we all have something about us that's unusual, whether it's on the inside or the outside. Life is what you make it."Ciera has made her life beautiful by accepting happily whatever she got from it. She is indeed an inspiration for all of us.H/T: Dailymail

An inspiration

Ciera has made her life beautiful by accepting happily whatever she got from it. She is indeed an inspiration for all of us.