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15 People Who Went Too Far To Look Cool (Disturbing Pictures)

Love piercing?We human beings are fond of body piercing since long. Several records of history state nose piercing, ear piercing etc. were in existence 5,000 years ago. Along with this, throughout the journey of time, body modification has emerged in a unique way. Puncturing the body parts is seen as one of the craziest trends people follow today. These people I have listed below are addicted to piercing and have left us speechless by their extreme of acts. Some of them did as a hobby while the rest had a purpose. Images of these extreme body puncturing are quite disturbing. Hope you will be fine till the end.

1. Eyeball jewellery

Implanting jewel inside an eye is probably the strangest hobby in the world. In NewYork, a small platinum heart is implanted inside an eye for $3,000.

2. Body modification. Did you like it?

Modifying one's body is taken as a part of fashion today. But modifying in such a way...I find it disgusting.

3. Piercing cheeks with wrenches

During a festival in Thailand, a devotee once pierced his cheeks with wrenches.

4. Face Piercing

Many people around the world have undergone scary and bizarre face piercing.

5. Face, nose, tongue and everything. 

Hats off to the courage.

6. Piercing nose with knives

Isn't it too crazy?

7. Back piercing

Why? Why?? Why???

8. Lip piercing

I would never want this zip in my tongue.

9. I just have no words for it.

10. Body hooking

Antonio Carmona is a tattoo artist who was suspended by hooks in Mexico city while protesting against the discrimination tattooed people suffer.

11. Leg piercing

Hobby or insanity?

12. Flowers, lime, fruits sewed to body

A Hindu devotee sewed vegetables, fruits and flowers sewed to his body as an attempt of soul purification.

13. Tongue piercing

Many girls love to have their tongue pierced. They consider it as fashion.