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31 Mind-blowing Images Of The Outer Space

Humans have always been fascinated with the idea of what is going on in the universe. From the first time a spaceship landed on the moon to till date, a variety of photos kept floating on the internet that made people go crazy. So, what do you do when you want to see some quality photographs? Well, you turn to WittyFeed for the same. Today, we bring you a collection of clicks captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. It was launched into the lower earth orbit in 1990. Since then, Hubble has sent stunning images of the outer space. The telescope comprises of four main instruments which are capable of capturing images in infrared, ultraviolet and visible regions. Some exemplary images are of Nebula, which is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionised gases. The traces of life are not yet clearly found, but what we can fully enjoy is what we see in these pictures.

1. Rose made of galaxies.

Remember, these are not just pictures taken from any telescope. One essential element which worked behind the vivid images in the collection was the brilliant Hubble. The shots captured reflect formations of stars, even forming into the shape of a butterfly. And, of course, the person who operated it, who was able to see even an hourglass in one of the heavenly bodies formation (you'll find it easily in the last, don't worry about that).

2. Star cluster bursts into life

3. Stellar Nursery in the arms of NGC 1672, barred special galaxy.

4. Antennae Galaxies

5. Magnificent view of Horsehead nebula

6. Magnetic monster, NGC 1275

7. Hubble sees galaxies galore

8. Sharpest View- Orion Nebula.

9. Most detailed image of crab Nebula.

10. Hubble Mosaic of splendid Sombrero Galaxy

11. Starburst galaxy Messier 82

12. Stellar Spire in Eagle Nebula

13. Pillars of creation

14. Butterfly emerges from stellar demise in NGC 6302

15. Young stars create powerful gas outflows.

16. An image of the beautiful barred galaxy NGC 1300

17. Hubble view of M 106.

18. Mystic Mountain

19. Galactic wreckage in Stephan's Quintet.

20. Barred Special Galaxy NGC 6217

21. Backlit dust lanes in NGC 7049

22. Amazing Gas tornado.

23. Dust Clouds in Milky Way.

24. Galaxy Portrait- Pinwheel Galaxy

25. Shining light even after 3 years of stellar outburst.

26. Sequence of Star formation in near-by galaxy.