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38 Cats Who Deserve An Applause For Sleeping Absolutely Anywhere

We all have that one friend or more who are able to sleep whenever they get time and wherever they are. They don't need the sun to set or get exhausted enough to sleep. You often think from where do they bring that much of sleep. It's an advantage for you too because when you think of pulling a prank on, it just gets easier with them sleeping. And, as it turns out, the posture they sleep in or the awkward place they're asleep also makes it funnier. Well, that was about your friends (and, even foes). When you often compare your friends to animals around you then why not take the same concept of sleeping anywhere without worrying about anything. Yes, not to cover the entire animal habitat present on this planet but cats. The following 40 pictures will compel you to look out for sleeping cats in future.

1. I don't care, I just wanna sleep!

It might be shocking for you to see some pictures in the following compilation because you'll see how cats are able to sleep at places you could never have imagined. To quote a few, these places include cats sleeping inside your shoe or flower pot, for instance, even on your HP scanner.

2. Don't look at me while I sleep.

3. I love the Yoga pose!

4. Your lap is all I want.

5. This cat wants to copy the kid.

6. Hiding in a shoe can be smelly, but this cat has no problem.

7. Banging my head in a sofa!

8. The more acrobatic style of sleeping!

9. Surprise, surprise!

10. Almost falling down!

11. Awww... When shoe turn into a sleeping bag!

12. Stuck in the middle!

13. It must be very hot outside.

14. Somehow managed its bums inside.

15. High chances of neck pain.

16. Art of balancing.

17. Grill me and I'll still be sleeping.

18. That's how I stretch.

19. No space left for the plant.

20. The ''official'' pose!

21. Print me while I sleep.

22. The ''reader'' cat.

23. Deliver me somewhere while I sleep.

24. Where is the head?

25. Give me some fresh air.

26. Am gonna copy you 'copy cat'

27. This must be painful.

28. Into deep sleep.

29. So so sweet!

30. Let me sleep, damnit!

31. I cant stop laughing!

32. What's with the footwear?!