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21 Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Look Twice At Them

Coincidence works in mysterious ways. Many photos capture a memorable moment with your loved ones or just anything that's out there. Sometimes, the stars align in a perfect sequence and an ordinary photo turns into an extraordinary masterpiece. Some photos end up being absolutely hilarious.  WittyFeed brings you perfectly timed photos, which made them more special and memorable. "Remember when Dave came from Steve's belly" or "When Jennifer picked Paul up" or even "When Donna married an owl" would sure make for great and funny memories.   When you'll scroll down below, you'll find some funny but perfectly-timed photos. Some are extra-hysterical, some are dirty and naughty!   Have a look at these perfectly timed photos and share with your friends. These photographs were taken by different lensmen.     *DISCLAIMER*Names, characters, places, events and incidents are results of the author’s imagination and used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, or actual events is coincidental.  

1. Conjoined twins.  

"Remember when Dave came from Steve's belly."  

2. Go home girl. God ain't happy.

"Hey, do you remember when lightning fell on Kim's head?" 

3. Is that a tushy? Oh, no it ain't.

"Guys, do you remember when everyone thought that you captured my butt?" 

4. A cat-fight turned into beautiful cat-hug.

"Hello Mrs Hudson. How are you?" 

5. Love is blind, indeed.

"Guys, do you know that Donna married an owl." 

6. And the shadow just got dirty.

Well, honestly, I wouldn't want to recall this moment. 

7. Just another passenger.

They disguise themselves among the crowd, hiding in plain sight. And if you are lucky enough, you will catch them when they've forgotten to put a face on. 

8. May be he talks with his eyes more.

This is taking the phrase, 'Talkative Eyes', way too seriously! 

9. Need a hand?

When there's too much sadness for your regular two hands to handle. 

10. Take it all in.

"Don't pull my hair, Sammy," says Monica. Sammy stops inhaling them. 

11. Who is holding whom?

"Remember when Jennifer picked Paul up by the docks?" 

12. This is gonna be so much fun and confusion!  

"Anyone, remember when Lisa hugged me from behind in her birthday suit?" 

13. When your whole body says '6', but your left hand goes '24, and single'....

That's a big hand for his age. You know what I mean *wink*.  

14. "Take it, gurl!"

I just heard a girl asking for an 'invisible junk'. 

15. Why should boys have all the fun?

"When we bangin' but still wanna look classy."  

16. Exploring the depths. 

Whatcha looking in for dude? 

17. This isn't the happy time to take pictures, sweetie.

When life is burning down, but you look for photogenic poses!     

18. Now, that's called a perfectly timed photo!

Walking on water, Meh! Can you fall like this?   

19. Umm..who's hugging whom here?

With gender neutrality becoming a hype, I don't wanna say anything here! *Wink*  

20. #No Filter

Oww girl! This selfie ain't innocent at all.