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These Happy Animals Will Make You Fall In Love With Their Smile

Wild animals can be dangerous for humans. But it is thrilling when you watch them in their natural habitat. The surrounding not only gives them a place for shelter but also a threat-free environment to enjoy the nature. But there is another side to it. The human race has begun to encroach pieces of lands that inhabit wildlife. Still, there are a few left. So, we thought of bringing you a compilation of some images that portray animals in a happy mood. See them, as they will overwhelm you.   We hope you will fall in love with these animals in the pictures and do your very best to conserve the animals. Don't forget to pass on the story to your family and friends for they can also experience the wonders of nature as you did. So, enjoy this virtual jungle safari!  

1. Adorable Elephant calf smiles with joy

Elephants are always fun to watch and just like kids play in the playgrounds, baby elephants too want to frolick around. If a full grown elephant runs towards you, then you are in for a dangerous encounter. But frolicking baby elephants are a sheer bliss. 

2. A happy dolphin

Dolphins are one of the aquatic mammals that are considered to be highly intelligent. Well, they also happen to be one of the cutest.  

3. A pleased monkey primate baby

Did that remind you of your childhood? It did to me, considering they are considered to be our less-evolved self. Their ear-to-ear smile certainly proves that.  

4. Happy cat winking. Cats are so naughty.

I have been trying to get my friend's cat do this but couldn't. Can you get yours to wink? Goodluck achieving that. Until then, enjoy the rare glimpse of this cat and just be as naughty.

5. Group of stingrays with the diver

Supposedly, the diver didn't get many friends outside of the ocean and thought to get a picture with these stingrays smiling for him to get a good click.

6. A cheerful frog

A frog is a carnivore, which belongs to the subcategory of short bodied Amphibians. This tailless creature doesn't look this adorable when you find it elsewhere, but the photographer was surely able to make him smile for a photo.  

7. An owl in a naughty mood

It is hard to spot an owl, if you didn't know. And, finding a white one winking at you is, seriously, a big deal.  

8. A seal laughing overwhelmingly

Don't worry; it might be laughing at the wildlife photographer and not you. If it made you smile, then the purpose is met.

9. A Dachshund dog looks content

One of the smallest dogs is a Dachshund. They're useful but they were developed to scent, chase, and flush out badgers and other burrow-dwelling animals. 

10. A dog in a jolly mood

This one is not worried about chasing anyone. It is celebrating its birthday, it appears.

11. A content hamster

By the way, do you own a hamster? Sorry, if you don't; else you would be having a lot many clicks like this.  

12. Cute guinea pig looks radiant

Guinea pigs have been used by researchers for experiments. This is the sad part. The fun part is the one shown to you. It looks happy and it isn't afraid of anyone.  

13. Smiling hyena

Another carnivore on the list, beware of them if you happen to come across any. This one looks friendly though.   

14. A smiling lion

The king of jungle needs no introduction. The photographer certainly had a lot of guts to take the candid shot. But don't try this; you can enjoy the sight from here.  

15. A happy ostrich

It is a flightless bird. Just like its big eyes, it also happens to be the largest living species to lay the biggest egg. 

16. Smiling Arctic fox

It seems calm and looks as if it is enjoying the weather. 

17. Smiling elephant seal

I know, it doesn't look like a smile. But isn't that is what beauty stands for - to look past the flaws of a being? 

18. Smiling Donkey

They know how to make a fool of themselves and this one here justifies it.

19. A lazy Otter enjoying its day

Otter, belonging to the carnivore family of mammals, is not at all like this when it comes to preying. The photographer had a good day catching the otter when it was enjoying the pleasures of life.  

20. Smiling Dog

It is probably giggling on the person clicking him, thinking, "Don't you have anything else to do?"

21. A harvest mouse

"Awww!" It is more of an Everest climb for the tiny mouse. And look, how it seems to be sighing after it reached the top. 

22. Snowfall gave these camels a reason to smile

But are they smiling? Or just chewing whatever they get on their way? Anyway, the one at the back surely knew how to pose. 

23. Smiling baby panda

The real-life Kung Fu Panda is here and feels the tickle as someone holds it from the back.

24. A smiling dolphin

If you didn't like the previous dolphin much, then, here is another one looking right into your eyes.