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12 Craziest Pregnancy Announcements That Were Ever Made

Pregnancy is something that a woman waits for all through her life until she finally tastes how it is to carry a baby in her womb. But what's funny here is the fact that the whole of the world around her too remains super crazy as to predict the pregnancy. Now, this is where the tension on the couple to become parents builts up. They by now know that they are supposed to announce the pregnancy news in the most creative way possible so as to mark the occasion with flying colors.The couples we have here on the list were somewhat in the similar situation and hence had to come up with something truly crazy in order to announce the pregnancy news. Let's get down to the same and share a great laugh.

1. This is adorable.

Perfect family!

2. A cute bump ahead for the family. 

Haha I can't hold my laughter.

3. All smiles - what a creative way!

They deserve an award.

4. Sometimes pregnancy test brings happiness and thunder together.

Simply too good!

5. No more loud music, bikinis, play station for them.

All in the trash!

6. Mama's got bun in the oven.

Soo cute!

7. He's ready with his gun for anyone who comes up and grabs his spot.

Not gonna leave the position.

8. Man celebrates as soon as the pregnant woman vomits the first time.

She is not gonna like it.

9. Eviction Notice - Some parents really get so humorous.

The baby is already angry!

10. And the award goes to...

Bow down!

11. For a change...

Now this is damn funny!

12. Two Two

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