This Couple Decided To Build A 124 Sq Ft Home And How They Did It Is Just Extraordinary

Of late, the size of houses in America has been getting bigger, as the style of living has become more modern, with top class facilities available at everyone's disposal.However, many people who choose to live away from the city full of crowd and noise. The big houses might give us more comfort, but the smaller ones provide us with a lot of financial freedom, independence and most importantly, peace.As they say, the thing that matters the most is how much we value our relationships and not the size of our houses.Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller, a couple from Colorado, US, thought of having a house far away from the city. Watch out the following pictures, see how they built their 124 square feet home successfully after taking almost a year to construct. 

'Tiny house movement'

Christopher Smith, 32, and his girlfriend Merete Mueller wanted to be the part of a world where people downsize their home in order to use the resources in an optimum manner. The couple's house is set in the mountains of Fairplay, Colorado.

124 square feet

The house has an area of just 124 sq ft. and is 19 feet in length. They started to build the house back in 2011 and even shot a documentary on it (released in 2013). It was aired on Al Jazeera America.Interesting isn't it? Wait till you know all.

No experience 

They only had a dream to pursue with no building experience. It didn't stop them but they chose to proceed anyway.

Boulder, Colorado

They started off with their home sweet home in the mountains near Boulder. The house on wheels had a sitting room, a bathroom, a compost toilet, solar heating and a bedroom tucked into a loft in the vaulted ceiling.

The couple's ideology

"I was nearing 30 and for the first time thinking of my life thinking about putting down roots, so I asked myself, what makes a good home?" - Christopher.Mueller believed, "Apparently, a 'good home' simply consists of a sitting area, kitchen, bathroom and a queen-size bedroom (set in a vaulted ceiling that makes space for a loft). The interior looks a lot bigger than the exterior".

Home Depot people

Christopher and Mueller had never built one, so they approached the people of Home Depot and other builders for advice.

Illegal act

In the Colorado County he was trying to live his dream, one cannot build a house smaller than 600 sq ft. This gave him an idea of building it on a flatbed trailer.

Queen bedroom and gym shower

They certainly don't have a king-size bed but a Queen size bed fits perfectly in the loft.A place which runs on solar power doesn't have running water, so for a shower, the couple goes to the gym. What about poop? Mr Smith says, "It's just a five-gallon bucket that you put peat moss and sawdust in. You'd be surprised how well it works and how much it doesn't smell." (compost toilet).

11 foot living room

If you're wondering that the place wouldn't have much of space in there then, you're wrong. The ceiling of the living room goes upto the height of 11 feet, and that indeed gives the space a grand feel than it is.

There's more to it

The house also has a small galley kitchen, camping-style gravity fed shower (yes, there is one; just not for daily use). The main living space also has a small closet and two built-in bookshelves along with a built in desk and a dining table too (Mueller herself made it from the scraps of hardwood flooring).

Summer plan

Before Christopher started with the project thinking it will be done within a Summer but it took a lot longer than anticipated as per the interview with Huffington Post.

Connecting to nature

Christopher believes that small house helps him connect with the natural world because tiny houses are beautiful and simple, making you feel a part of the environment than a larger structure.

Mueller's mindset

"It's harder for many people to attain the financial stability required for a big house in the suburbs and a car in the driveway, that old model of the American Dream. On top of that, we've found that many people in our generation are beginning to question and re-evaluate that old American Dream and are opting instead for lifestyles that are more flexible and less tied-down to one particular place. As a society, we're in a place of transition.I think that many people -- whether by necessity or by choice -- are learning that quality of life isn't necessarily tied to how big our houses are or how much stuff we own, but about the experiences we have and the quality of our relationships."

This is what Christopher believes in 

"The world gets a lot bigger when you're living small because I can afford to do a lot more things now in terms of cash and time. The whole world is my living room."

The happy couple

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