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10 Reasons Why Elon Musk Is A Badass Entrepreneur And Real Iron Man

'The world’s most remarkable living entrepreneur', as called by the Ted Talks owner Chris Anderson, Elon Musk is truly an inspiration for the world. He's a man who was never afraid to take risks and now at the age of 45, is planning another unthinkable project of super fast capsule trains. The man behind PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors, Musk is the epitome of smartness and self-confidence. He works for more than 100 hours a week and remains impatient about his work.This is what his colleagues say about him, “Elon always wants to know, ‘Why are we not going faster? He always wants bigger, better, faster.” Now, you can know why he's the ruler of the world of entrepreneurship. No doubt he is the Iron Man of the real world!If you want to know more about the man who is the ideal of many, you are at the right place. Scroll down to know more about his life.

#1) Elon loves to read science and fiction books.

As told by Elon's brother Kimbal, Elon would read science and fiction books for 10 hours in a day. And by fourth grade, he would spend all day buried in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

#2) Elon got his first computer, 'Commodore VIC-20' at the age of 9.

At the age of nine, he got his first computer 'Commodore VIC-20' and finished its user's manual in three days, which was designed to take six months to finish.

3) He created a video game named 'Blastar' at the age of 12.

At the age of 12, he created a video game called 'Blastar' and sold it to a computer magazine for $500 in 1983.Source- Business Insider

#4) In college, he planned his career on the thought, "What will most affect the future of humanity?"

His answer was these five things- 'The internet; Sustainable Energy; Space exploration, in particular, the permanent extension of life beyond the Earth; Artificial intelligence; and Reprogramming the human genetic code.' After college, he enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Stanford to study high energy density capacitors, under sustainable energy but left the subject within two days as he wanted to give more time to the internet.

#5) Elon and his brother's start-up company.

Elon with his brother Kimbal, came up with their start-up company 'Zip2' which was later bought by Compaq for $307 million in 1999.Source

#6) In 1999, he put three-fourth of his money into X.com, an online bank with checking, savings and brokerage accounts which later became PayPal.

Confinity, an internet finance company which had its office in the same building of X.com, and was founded by Peter Thiel and Max Levchin merged with X.com and came to be known as PayPal. He later sold PayPal to eBay in 2002, for $1.5 billion. He was the company’s largest shareholder and got a share of $180 million (after taxes).Source

#7) In 2002, he started an unthinkable and ill-advised venture of all time, a rocket company SpaceX to reduce the cost of space travel and colonize Mars with at least a million people over the next century.

After three failed trials of the rocket launch, Musk was left with personal funds for only one more try. But the fourth try was successful, and since then NASA, the client of SpaceX has made 20 trials, all being positive.

#8) In 2004, Musk came up with an equally ill-advised venture of all time, of an electric car company Tesla to encourage sustainable energy future.

This step was a huge gamble as the last time a US car startup succeeded was Chrysler in 1925, and none of the electric car startups were ever successful.

#9) Director of Iron Man, Jon Favreau, actually sent Robert Downey Jr. before shooting the first Iron Man to spend time with Elon Musk in the SpaceX factory.

He was the inspiration for the character of Tony Stark in Iron Man movie series. 

#10) Elon is working on the project of 'Hyperloop', a transportation system to commute between Los Angeles and San Francisco in just 35 minutes.

The 350-mile (560 km) route would be covered at an average speed of around 600 mph (970 km/h), with the top speed being 760 mph (1,200 km/h).Source