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20 Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

The world is made up of many interesting things, and each one of them has a set price tag to it. While some prices can be justified, a few others just seem horrendous to hear. Next, we are going to share with you some of the most expensive dog breeds in the world. These dogs are not only expensive, but their care also eats up your wallet considerably. While serious pet lovers would not find anything odd with their price, you might start thinking what makes these breeds so expensive and whether the price is justified. Let us have a look at them. 

Tibetan Mastiff

Since a long time, this breed has been used to guard flocks. Nocturnal by nature they prove to be good guard dogs, but you would see them barking at everyone they see. Hence, it is advisable to keep them inside the house. Costing anywhere between 7000-10,000$, this is a stubborn breed and needs to be handled carefully.

Pharaoh Hound

A Hound puppy is extremely expensive one with the price range of 5000-8000$, and also extremely sensitive too. They can prove to be great watch dogs but not very good at guarding. Pharaoh hound is quite loyal to their owner and can even stay in an apartment provided you take it out for regular walks. 

German Shepherd

A trained German Shepherd can sell at a price of 6500$ and above. Extremely loyal and fearless, these dogs are sure to protect your family from any kind of danger approaching. Ranging from medium to large size, these dogs need a lot of exercises to stay stimulated and active.   

Canadian Eskimo Dog 

One of the oldest breeds alive, this one is priced at anywhere above 6000$. Having a strong prey drive, this breed is very loyal and quite intelligent too. However, it is moving towards extinction and hence the prices have also risen considerably. Not to forget that they are very affectionate and one of the gentle breeds available.


Selling at above 6000$, the breed is known for being self-assured and courageous. Their confident and calm nature ensure that they remain a little aloof to people around them. Being fiercely protective, the Rottweiler will get aggressive only if he is provoked. 


These cute and cuddly companions of humans have been sold at a price of 5000$ as well. Very lively, their play does not end even as they grow old. Great for people living in apartments they can make people crazy with their continuous barking a reason why some of them eventually end up in shelters.   

Hairless Chinese Crested

Coming in hairless and coated forms, this breed is graceful and carries itself off elegantly. Very high on energy the dog is always in the mood for some play. Available at prices above 5000$, they want undivided attention all the time. If you have other pets too in the house, this pet would have a problem adjusting. 

English Bulldog

Selling for about 3000$, this breed is the most carefree of all. This is also the reason why they get along well with the family members making them very likeable. However, they are prone to get infected very frequently, hence the choice of an appropriate breeder is very important.  

Peruvian Inca Orchid

Devoid of hair, this beautiful breed is fiercely protective of the family they are in. They are also very friendly with other breeds and pets so, if you have a family of creatures, this dog will not show any resistance. However, it is a very rare breed and is priced high at 3000$ and above. 


Nicknamed as the 'Little Lion Dog', this breed can cost you anywhere up to 3000$. Amongst the rare breeds, they are very tiny and also very playful. A happy, healthy and friendly pup would rarely seen barking at anyone. Not very sporting by nature, these dogs are excellent friends to be with.


An independent and sensitive breed, it sells for around 2500$. Docile by nature it stays fine with other dogs. However, when faced with the smaller breeds, it tends to get aggressive. Having a very strong hunting instinct their stubborn nature makes them difficult to be trained easily.

Portuguese Water Dog

Quite a rare breed this one does not shed at all. Considered to be very loving and intelligent they usually are very friendly towards strangers. Quick to learn the correct trainer is needed to make them suitable as per your needs. With the average costing of 2500-2800$, this dog breed can turn out to be your one of the best choices. 

Irish Wolfhound 

A perfect companion to a big family, this dog family is priced in a range of 2000$ and above. Not among the destructive types these dogs are reserved type of animals. However, if they are provoked be sure that they are going to give you a tough time. 

Bearded Collie

Originating from Scotland this breed is a playful and it is difficult to contain their energy. Thanks to their heavy coat they tend to shed a lot and hence their grooming needs are difficult to take care of. Used as show dogs, these prove to be excellent companions to their masters. The average furry pup costs around 1500-2500$.

American Staffordshire Terrier 

Average costing at around 1500-2000$, this breed is one of the most aggressive ones. Being athletic, loyal and stubborn, these ones can give you a tough time occasionally. However, with a regular sports activity or exercise, you can ensure that this is taken care of.


A very friendly dog breed you would hardly find them showing resistance to anyone. Not at all aggressive, they make good companions to small children. Their playful nature stays even when they grow old. However, with the average costing of 1600$, getting them is not going to be light on your wallet.

Yorkshire Terrier 

Nicknamed 'Yorkie', this small breed loves a luxurious life. Their small size makes them a hot favorite. However, their prey drive is always a cause for concern. If they are socialized with kids at a young age itself then nothing to worry. But be aware that the grooming and care would take a lot of your time. Ranging the exact price of Yorkie is impossible because the range is between 800-10,000$ is quite wide. 

Bichon Frise

This cute, cuddly and fluffy breed makes a good companion for a family which has small kids and costs around 500-1000$. Their playful and affectionate nature makes them good playmates.


Bearing a resemblance to the greyhound, this breed knows how to establish relations with its masters. Though not very aggressive, these dogs do not like being touched by any strangers. Sometimes sensitive they can tolerate hot weather but get really bugged up in the cold climates. The average price of this dog breed is around 600-800$.   

Dogo Argentino 

Large and headstrong, this breed goes along well with a family having older kids. Filled with lots of energy, it is crucial that they keep participating in any high energy activities. If not then they can get bored which leads to them getting agitated and aggressive. The price of this breed is around $700 for each puppy.