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10 Of The Worst Jobs In The World That Seem Too Awful To Be Real

Wait till you reach the end of this list!I guess most people hate their jobs, it is human nature, after all, to sulk and complain about things around us. But what about those jobs which are worthy of such complaints? Yes, we live in a big, big world. From fart sniffers to vomit collectors, there are so many jobs which can take your breath away (literally in some cases). Did you know there are people who have to make sure that animals in the barn masturbate? That is one fact which I'm entirely sure you didn't know earlier. And well, if you did, you've seen some things!Today, we bring you some such jobs which can be classified among the worst jobs in the world!Take a look.

Barnyard masturbator

The job of barnyard masturbator, as the name suggests, is to masturbate farmyard animals which can help with the artificial insemination. They sometimes have to use their hands as well. Now that is, getting a little too close.That's the wrong animal you're milking, honey.

The armpit sniffer

Yes, this job actually exists. The deodorants we buy, are thoroughly tested before they hit the markets. How? Well, that is when these people come into the picture. They sniff smelly armpits all day long to ensure that the deodorant is effectively masking their body odor.Okaaay. When people have an unusual fetish (no one's judging)

Chicken sexer

The job of the chicken sexer is to determine the sex of the baby chickens once they hatch. Why? To decide where to send them; males are meat providers whereas females lay eggs. In some of the methods, they actually have to squeeze some poop out of the chicks to see their intestines and determine their sex. Weird, right?Because he probably isn't getting any chicks in real life. If you know what I mean?

Fart sniffer

The branch of medicine which relates to the digestive system and its disorders is called gastroenterology. They need fart smellers. Also, many Chinese people who practice alternative medicine are of the opinion that each person's flatulence has particular nuances.My friend loves those pornos where people are doing just that. *rolls my eyes*

Pet food taster

This job requires people who can taste the pet food to determine if the canine's meal is flavorful, healthy and doesn't stink. Yeah, they've got people for that!We all did that as kids, but you're taking it too far, dude!

Vomit collector

Yes, as you might gather from the name, this person is someone who collects vomit. Where? At theme parks, of course! Not everyone can handle roller coasters and their twists & turns. So, this is to the unsung heroes who collect vomits & pukes from the theme parks!Now I've seen everything, literally. 

Whale feces researcher

Whale feces researchers study whale poo to understand more about the endangered whales, their genetics, hormone and biotoxin levels. Well, there's a lot of it and for a limited time as well (before it sinks into the water). Somebody's gotta do it. (Sucks to be you, though)

Elephant anus administrator?

Okay, it is tough to determine the job title for this one, but as you can see, it has got something to do with elephants and rectums. It might be a one-time thing to inspect if something is wrong with the elephant's digestive system or is it done on a regular basis?Must be a pain in the ass.

Shooting board holder

Well, I find this one hard to explain. I mean, why not fix the shooting boards on the ground? Or is it some kind of punishment they are going through?If "kill me now" had a face, this would be it.

Reptile Dentist Hygeinist

Okay, this one is the scariest of all, I guess. I understand that they need dental hygiene as well but I for sure wouldn't want to do it.That is all for now from us. Stay tuned for more of such interesting lists at WittyFeed. Don't forget to like or comment on the box below. You can also reach out to me on ankita@wittyfeed.com