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Press This Point On Your Belly To Get Rid Of Toxins From Your Body

Many of us have been dealing with the problem of constipation, thanks to the diet that we take. Today, we indulge in gobbling on fast food, that is very difficult to digest. The pizzas, the burgers, the cold drinks, the sandwiches, all spoil our complete digestive system and thus, result in constipation in the body. We are sufferers because of our tongue and the taste it demands. Thus, to help you deal with the problem of constipation here is a hack that you can deploy. There is this point near your belly button, upon which if pressure is applied, there is an easier poop. But, identifying the point is important. The point is commonly referred to as the 'poop button' or 'CV 6'. It is one of the most empowering acupressure points in the body. This button has the power to revive the healing process of the body. Read on to know more about the button.

Constipation is a problem that we face every now and then. 

But, there is this simple point on the belly that will help you poop easily.

So, folks, the poop button is located nearly...

Three finger-widths directly below your navel. This button is also known as Conception Vessel 6 or the "Sea of Energy" and is the motherboard for many parts of the body. 

Proper pressure applied at this point helps in a lot of areas. 

It helps to solve all sorts of problems like period cramps, stomach aches, and, of course, constipation. This point also keeps the digestive system, sex organs, and even your colon in proper health.

So, how do you activate the so-called poop button?

Well, it's easy. All you to do is firmly apply pressure at this point once you have identified it, with your fingers, along with taking deep breaths. Indulge in applying pressure for not more than 3 to 5 minutes. 

A word of caution: 

Make sure you are near a washroom when you indulge in this. So, you can fairly understand the results that you will have once you have spotted this 'poop button'.

The feeling of relaxation after a good session of poop is inexplicable.

You will surely have these expressions on your face! Lol!

Thus, instead of reaching out for laxatives, try this 'poop button'.

It will surely help you get rid of constipation. This button also has a number of other benefits. 

It strengthens the immune system.

Moreover, the colon, the sexual urinary reproductive system are also improved. This escalates the ability of the body to heal itself. It can also cure menstrual cramps and gas.

Pregnant women must take proper advice from the doctor before deploying the technique of the 'poop button'. 

Not much pressure must be applied and palm of the hand must be used instead of fingertips.We hope this piece helped you learn something new today. Do share with others you think might be facing this problem.