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'Cushioning' Is The Hottest Dating Trend That Is A Poison For Your Relationship

Cushioning, one of those dating trends which makes you wonder if there is anything like love at all? First things first, in case you did not know what cushioning is (which is a good thing, really!), let us tell you about this latest dating trend. Cushioning is when people along with their significant other, have other people ("cushions") to fall back to in case things go south. So, what does it mean really? You can have substitutes for your boyfriends or girlfriends? You can randomly flirt with people without any guilt? You have a back-up? There have been many dating trends like bread-crumbing, love-bombing, ghosting but this one is on the next level. Read on to see if this is something you would be okay with.  

Cushioning? What?

Where you have people with whom you talk and flirt so that if your main relationship hits a wall, you don't feel the blow with those cushions. As if your relationship is a car and as soon as it experiences a collision, airbags open to provide you that cushion. *bang*

Having back ups in your relationship.

Weird, right? Earlier it was just known as cheating but okay.

I really like you (and your best friend and your neighbour).

Well, they might not really say that out loud but yes, that is what is happening in this so-called trend which can take over your relationship any day.

So, people really flirt with others when they are in a relationship?

Yes, it is one of those trends which makes you question where did the virtues like loyalty, honesty and love go? 

And it is okay to have back ups?

Well, they might have all kinds of justifications for this but is it really okay?

And they want you to understand how it is okay.

Yes, they don't think it is wrong because it is convenient, isn't it? 

But how can you? Because it is TOTALLY not acceptable.

When reasoning goes to hell and you don't even know what to say.

When they tell you how hard break ups are and they cannot survive going through another one.

But you just cannot listen to them anymore.

Without thinking about your partner for whom you might ruin the concept of love forever.

Yes, indeed. You are being selfish when you do it and don't really bother what impact it might have on the other person who is probably already imagining a life with you.

And still go on like there is nothing wrong about it.

When they can still go on without thinking there is anything wrong in having "cushions".

So you wonder if you are too old to understand things like these?

You wonder if you are among the conservative ones or just too old to understand whatever the hell is going on here.

Or is it just because it is downright stupid?!

Or maybe you are not wrong, maybe this is just wrong. And people are just using other people to get whatever they want.

Cushioning? NO!

When the very concept of it makes you feel nauseated.

And if people expect you to be a part of such trends?

Turning away from things that are harmful to us in the future is the right thing to do.