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12 Actors Share What It's Like To Make A Debut With Disney Shows 

It's every child's dream to be on television someday, and this thought in children comes from Disney. Yes, Disney Studios has skyrocketed careers for kids like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Joe Jonas and several others through junior roles on their shows. When other children see them on TV, they instantly start to feel the craving for the same exposure. But, innocent children hardly realize that this recognition has snatched much of these kids' childhood.However, you must've also thought the same (to be part of a Disney star cast), at least for once in your life. And even if you couldn't chase the same dream, you can at least learn from other people's experience what it's like to be one of them.We at WittyFeed have compiled the list of kids who became stars with Disney and shared their experience of what was it like to work back then.Have a look!

Miley Cyrus | Hannah Montana

"I got my first period on the sets, it was so embarrassing. I realized that I couldn't leave, so I started crying and begging, but my mom said, You're going to have to put the tampon in. I have to be on set," says Miley.

Hilary Duff | Lizzie McGuire

"As torturous as it has been at some points in my life to be Lizzie McGuire, I think that when that show came out, it was such a part of who I was, I didn't feel like I was playing a part," she shares. "I don't think during the filming it was torturous. I loved it during the filming. I just didn't know what a success the show was going to be, and after that, four years, five years after that, and I was still Lizzie McGuire to people, and that was super annoying. Now it's not. I don't care now. I'm grateful for it," Hilary added further.

Demi Lovato | Barney and Friends

"I signed with Disney Channel when I got Camp Rock, and I had a gap between my two front teeth. They were like, 'Would you be willing to fix it?' I wish today that I hadn't because my gap was cute," she reveals on ET.

Selena Gomez | Barney and Friends

"It was a blessing. It was beautiful and tragic. It was everything that every teen goes through, just on a bigger scale. It literally was like high school. Disney is a machine, and I’m grateful for it, but I feel like being part of that environment made me crave the reaction from other projects even more. Creatively this is where I wanted to go," she said.

Joe Jonas | Raging Bull

"It just ended up being some weird slapstick humor that only a 10-year-old would laugh at; it took out the kissing scene that Nick had. I had to shave every day because they wanted me to pretend like I was 16 when I was 20 (when the show was done, I cut my hair off and grew as much of a beard as I could)," he said in a Vanity Fair interview."Being a part of the Disney thing for so long will make you not want to be this perfect little puppet forever, come on, guys. You did this to yourselves."

Bella Thorne | Shake It Up

Bella says, "Zendaya and I were put in a miserable position where we were kind of forced to compete against each other [during Shake It Up], which made the whole first season of the show just very awkward for us. We wanted to love each other, but yet we were constantly being put against each other. It was, 'Who's better at this?' and 'Who's better at that?'".

Bridgit Mendler | Wizards of Waverly Place

"You know, I’m not sure. I think it’s a wonderful foundation to have worked with Disney Channel, and, obviously, some people have built amazing careers off of that, and that’s something that I find inspiring. But at the same time, I’m my person just like they are, and I think it just really depends on what you make of that experience," she says.

Vanessa Hudgens | High School Musical

"I want people to look at me not as that girl from High School Musical, but as an actress they admire. With Spring Breakers I’m looking for a reaction for sure. I want to shock people," shares Vanessa.

Shia LaBeouf | Even Stevens

The actor says, "I went a whole different route. I never came out with a music thing, even though [Disney will] push you that way. I didn’t just want to be a churn-'em-out guy. I never really felt like I fit in there. From the moment I got there, all my friends were [making fun of me], like, 'Dude, you’re at the Disney Channel!' It was kind of embarrassing."

Ross Lynch | Austin and Ally

"You are perceived to be such an angel, and you're just an actor that booked a job. But everyone thinks that it's who you are like they found you. They like raised you. But it's just a good job."

Karan Brar | Jessie

"It's a bit overwhelming; I'm not going to lie. There's a lot of prep that goes into it. When I first started, I was 11 or 12, and I didn't know what was going on. It hit me when‚ I hope this doesn't come off rude, people started recognizing me," says Karan Brar.He adds further, "And at that moment, I realized the show was expanding and reaching so many people. It was interesting to realize that the shows that I used to watch High School Musical, or That's So Raven was so significant to me. And now people are now looking up to me and watching my shows the same way." 

Dove Cameron | Liv and Maddie

"Disney is such an exceptional group of people, everybody that works for the company is so kind and lovely that it is like a big family and no one’s telling anyone to say that. It is a wonderful position to be in, though, to set a good example, and that feels like a reward. So if I feel any pressure, it's a good kind of pressure. I feel very grateful for the position I’m in," she revealed.