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15 Amazing Kaley Cuoco Facts That'll Land Fans Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Kaley is love, and she is ridiculously popular among youth these days. She's a favorite of almost every high school kid, and the paparazzi are following her practically everywhere to click her pictures which are worth a million. I mean come on, I still haven't overcome my crush for her since the day I've watched her famous show, The Big Bang Theory. Now that you're still reading, it proves that you're also her fan. It's just that some people come out in public to share their liking for her, while  admire her secretly. But there's one thing common in all of us; we love to read, learn and know more about Kaley. So without wasting much time, have a look at the fantastic facts about Kaley Cuoco's life that'd make you Kaley Cuoco addict. 

Kaley is in the industry for decades now.

Kaley is in the showbiz business for more than decades. Some people know her as Penny from The Big Bang Theory, but she started her career with John Ritter's sitcom, 8 Simple Rules. In the year 1994, Kaley also appeared in cult-classic drama, My So-Called Life. That's only a few credits, Kaley also starred in advertisements when she was younger.

Kaley is home-schooled.

Kaley's personal life is a bit messed up, and sometimes she finds herself not socializing the way other people do. The reason for this could be not a very good social foundation which most of us build during our public school days. Kaley is home-schooled by her mother.

She has a sister in the industry too.

Now, this is something that'd make even most of her fans say 'Ohh, I didn't know that.' Our Penny from The Big Bang Theory has a sister in the industry, and both of them are together since their audition days. Kaley is happy that she's on top. The name if her sister is Brianna, who has appeared in The Voice, 2013.

She's got an implant?

Kaley says, "They're the best decisions I have ever made," about her breast implants. The actress has agreed to have breast implants at the age of 18. Her new bust surely earned some new fans as well (no pun intended). 

She performs show-tunes. 

Well, if her sister Brianna is singing and making tunes, then you know it that it's Kaley who showed her how it is done. Kaley took her clothes off on the stage once and performed show-tunes. The entire cast of The Big Bang Theory was there.Can you guess which song she chose to perform? Well, "T*ts and A*s" with the legendary quote, "T*ts and a*s have changed my life!"

Hackers once leaked Kaley's private pictures.

Some hackers attacked Kaley's phone and leaked her private pictures on the internet. There were some pictures in which Kaley flaunted her bare body and assets. 

Kaley knows how to ride in equestrians.

Kaley has some more secrets to hide, the next to come out is her love for horses. She can tell the breed of a horse just by looking at their hobbies.

Did you know Kaley has played a lesbian?

Well, Kaley hasn't expressed her views on LGBTQ openly, but you know where she stands, right? Yes, Kaley supports lesbianism, and one of her allies in Hollywood is lesbian-comedian, Ellen DeGeneres. She has even played the role of young Ellen in The Ellen Show.

Kaley has played fat.

Every star has that one project under their belt which they prefer to hide as a mistake. Kaley is no different, and it seems like other stars, she also momentarily lost the ability to disapprove a bad script. We don't know why Kaley would do this, but she chose to play fat in 2007 television drama series, To Be Fat Like Me and received a massive backlash for it.

Kaley has dated Superman.

Kaley goes for simple guys, who don't have much appeal in pop culture. It was confirmed when she started dating Henry Cavill, and that too right on time; when the actor was selected to play Superman in the franchise. Unfortunately, the relationship didn't last long.

And there's long list of relationship...

Husbands ditch their wives, but Kaley is different; so she decided to ditch her husband. The actress was married to Tennis player, Ryan Sweeting but their marriage couldn't last longer than 21 months.

And then comes this, Paul Blackthorne.

After her divorce, Kaley was fast to move like a bullet and started spending time with Arrow actor, Paul Blackthorne. Some sources even reveal that the reason behind her failed marriage with Ryan Sweeting was her extra-marital affair with Paul. But this relationship couldn't work out as well, and Paul and Kaley left each other in just two months after getting back together. 

Kaley has dated Galecki.

If you have followed her famous sitcom The Big Bang Theory, then you'd know that Kaley's character gets married to her co-star Leonard in the show which is played by Johnny Galecki. Well, both of them have even dated in real-life.

Is she a feminist?

Kaley never said she's a pro-feminism supporter or non-supporter, as long as we remember, her one quote about feminism had led to a lot of criticism when her words were published in Redbook: "I was never that feminist girl demanding equality, but maybe that’s because I’ve never really faced inequality."In defense, she later said, "Of course, I’m a f*cking feminist. Look at me. I bleed feminism. I get equal pay to my male costars on a big show; I have my own home, I’m as independent as you could be."

Kaley disrespected the national flag.

So basically there are three things about Kaley that you must know if you want to know her. Firstly, she continually reminds us that she's a hopeless romantic constantly gushing about her boyfriends, she is in love with her body and sports and regularly works upon it, and last but not the least, she loves her dog. But sometimes she is so blindly in love with them that hardly realizes her pets are offending the veterans. Something similar happened when she posted a photo in which her dogs were sitting on the national flag.