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The Richest Man In The Middle-East Got Arrested And The Prison Is Making Me Jealous

Today, if you'd ask me to be someone for one day, I'd want to be the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, son of billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal in the Middle-East. And maybe you'd say the same after learning more about the life of this furious son and father.On Nov 4, 2017, Saudi Arabian billionaire bin Talal was arrested by the police along with his ten princes and other government officials and former ministers. All of them got arrested on the charges of corruption. What's more interesting to notice is, the 32-year-old son of bin Talal was also arrested as the mastermind behind crime in the kingdom.This news was enough to raise eyebrows, but what happened next has made people's jaw-drop on the floor, so badly drop that they can't put back the pieces together.Have a look!

According to Forbes,

Saudi Arabian billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is the wealthiest man in the Middle-East who is recently held captive and the world is shocked by the royal treatment he is getting at Ritz Carlton in country's capital.

Here's a look at the place which is converted into a makeshift prison.

If you open Ritz Carlton's website, it'll flash you a warning message that reads "space's telephone lines and the internet is disconnected due to unforeseen situations," reports Business Insider.

Have a look at the lavish interior.

There are 493 guest rooms in the hotel, and staff people are unaware of the place where all the royal criminals are held captive.

All the guests were first asked to leave the hotel in an emergency like situation.

Apparently, The Intercept has reported that some of the non-royal prisoners among them are staying in a single room, sleeping on mattresses. 

The recent gathering.

The Crown Prince's recent gathering at the same hotel included many prominent individuals and leaders. According to Forbes' report, billionaire Alwaleed bin Talal owns 95% of Kingdom Holding which owns shares in companies like Twitter and Citigroup. 

The Business Insider report states:

"The Crown Prince has advocated for a return to "moderate Islam" in the country, but there's "little transparency" around the arrests, which are ostensibly part of an anti-corruption purge."

The Ritz Carlton hotel is turned into a makeshift prison for rich people.

Some reports on the internet suggest that the hotel is being used as a prison to keep high profile individuals because it would be demeaning to keep them in an ordinary jail.

And on the day of arrest...

Guests at Ritz Carlton were asked to take their belongings as soon as possible, following the arrest of billionaire bin Talal and his son.

It wasn't the first time when Crown Prince organized the event at the hotel.

Sources reveal that the billionaire had organized a 'high-profile' summit in the hotel just two weeks ago. 

All kinds of cuisine were served at the event.

From Italian to Chinese and many more.

Amenities provided to guests at the event included:

Male-only spa, private room and a bowling alley.