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From Innocent To Clever, Catch Purrfect Pictures Of Cats Growing Up 

A shoutout to all the cat lovers! We know that the love for cats is never-fading. It is for their cuteness, their furs, their purring, their meows, their jumping, their hopping, their innocence and their cleverness, too! The world is widely divided with the love for cats and the love for dogs. Are you a cat person or a dog person? Phew! This is a darn common interrogation now. Also, kittens don't stay as cute for long, they grow up to become cats and slowly acquire the status of another family member. While most of us see our pets every day, we are not able to recognize the structural changes while they have grown up over the years. So, here we get to you adorable clicks of cats growing up. Our furry friends grow at such a fast pace that these photographs will make you reminisce about the days when you brought your buddy home with utmost care. Disclaimer: You might want to run home and cuddle with your furry pet! 

The cutie-pie is all grown up now.

The cozy feeling of cuddling into the cushion. Awww!

This is sooo cute...

From those lean bodies to bulky swaying ones.

When it felt no weight on the shoulder Vs Ohhh, you weigh so much.

Grown up to occupy all the available space.

The handbag lover is here now.

The little bundle of joy is now a harbinger of happiness.

The cute, white-furry, now fits just in the box.

From being docile to being bold and clever now.

Grown up with his cat...

Then and now...

Best friends forever and ever...

12 months apart, things look this way.

From a kitten to a teenager.

The cat and her vessel, then and now.

Utterly deliciously cute...

The feelings for the adorable being can never be changed.

It was cute, it is cuter, it will be cutest.