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Behind-The-Scenes Of The 'Over The Top' Photographs... Revealed!

I am sure most of us have been mesmerised by photographs on social media and left wondering as to how must they have been clicked. Moreso, we keep gazing at them for their naturality. But, here are the behind the scenes that will shatter all the whims that had been spun over the years, looking at those stupendous and so-called 'picture-perfect' clicks. Brazilian wedding and family photographer Gilmar Silva has raised the curtains and revealed what goes behind those cinematic professional clicks. Here, it is not about the Photoshop skills that go into those clicks, but also about the photography angles and tricks that play all the magic.Yes, photographs do hold on to a lot of emotions and I am reminded of this...“We keep this love in a photographWe made these memories for ourselvesWhere our eyes are never closingHearts are never brokenTimes forever froze still..." All of us have fallen for photographs on Instagram of couples lounging on the beaches in their pre-wedding shoots, beautiful girls looking like damsels against the backdrop of stupendous structures, pregnant women posing adorably with their baby bumps and what not. We have fallen head-over-heels for these clicks. Catch the unravelling of the hush-hush manoeuvre, here.

Yes, I would love to keep this in the pocket of my ripped jeans!

Oh Gosh! So this is the angle behind the stupendous click.

Courtesy: Gilmar Silva

The capture from under the veil. That is so beautiful.

This is what makes the muse look like a damsel...

How must he be bearing her weight? Behind-the-scenes of the 'in-air' photography...

Photographs clicked from the top are MAGICAL...

Those light effects and the manpower surely worked.

The smile of the bride, in the rear-view mirror... An intelligent click.

Against the tranquil backdrop...

The dirty work, but has played its part well.

Only experience can teach this...

Eye-poppingly beautiful. I mean just look at the majesty of the click.

When Photoshop comes to rescue and does wonders...

Immense efforts, for the desired one.

A perfect click is the ultimate satisfaction.

From simple to stupendous...

Oh Man, I just didn't know this!

Focus does play a major role... The bubbles, the eyes...

The perfect reflections are captured this way...

By hook or by crook, rack your brains and you will master photography.

Now, this is just so witty!

It is hard to believe that the photo was under such circumstances or ambiance.

Lights do play an important role, so does Photoshop.

Couple photography, and the manoeuvre of the photographs.

This is what is called trick photography.

Behind those bushes, but not far away from the camera! *Pun-intended*

The sea change in these clicks is pretty evident.

I pity the photographer... He surely has to undergo a LOT!

Man, the plethora of efforts that go in a single perfect click.

Photographers have the innate quality of patience, hence proven.

Yes, 'over-the-top' clicks from the top.

Kids photography is equally demanding.

Are they photographers or magicians?

Focus and angle, resulting in some enchanting work.

Spotboys also put in a lot of hard work.

When lying down to click a photograph is just a part of everyday routine.

The broad daylight used beautifully to capture the emotions.

Even the couples have to struggle to get those clicks.

Only a photographer knows the struggle behind.

How it was captured and how it is delivered, high contrast! *Pun-intended*

Unbelievably mindful.

Captures that drain the photographer!

The transformation that the editing brings in.

Experience is a teacher.

Same level shots are just amazing. 

How the background is beautified and the photo is turned into a masterpiece...