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What You Notice In These Pictures Tell A Lot About You

Your perception and the way you look at things can reveal a lot about your personality. The way you listen to a song, look at a painting and a photo tells how you interpret things and that interpretation can be used for further understanding of your character and personality.An illusory artist, Noma Bar uses simple pictures to convey ideas and feelings of sex, war, love, peace, and creativity in a single image. The part of a photograph which you notice first, depicts the significant part of your character. "While photography will give you punch in the face, the overall look of my images is softer; but they still shock you in the discovery of the message," says Noma Bar.Let's find out what kind of person are you using these pictures.

1. Let's start off by looking at the test image.

What do you notice first in this image? If you saw that cartoon girl lying on the bed first, then trust me you will enjoy this test until the end, because there's more to come, and in case you noticed the popular cartoon character with a binocular, then it reveals that you're an imaginative person who looks beyond the present. 

2. What did you see first in this image?

If you saw orange color more than the black, then it says that you're very optimistic and a hopeful person.

3. Two hands

If you saw only two hands, it may mean you depend mostly on logic and observe things that are in front of you. If you noticed the fingers, it says you're rational, calm, and help others.

4. A tree or a sea?

If you saw a tree, then it means you're a very detail-oriented person and focus on one specific task at a time. If you saw an ocean, then it reveals you care for people and understand their emotions. You have a vision and believe that nothing is impossible to achieve.  

5. The smog or fire?

If your answer is the smog, then it means you have a very creative imagination; and if your answer is fire, then it says you're sharp and fierce from your mind.

6 (a). A negative space or two black bodies.

This picture has two perspectives, the first is the negative space and the second one is two bodies. If you saw the negative area first, then you need to work on your thoughts and mind because it looks at the negative things first, it is as simple as that.

Did you look at the negative space first?

Wait, don't panic. Take the test picture below and find out if this negativity is permanent or temporary.

6 (b). Let's try it one more time. What do you see in this picture?

If you saw the white bear at first, then you do not need to worry about the negative thoughts, they're not permanent. If you saw the black bear at first, then you should start looking at the positive signs at first.

7. Below is the question...

And if you can still not understand how possibly are their feet in this picture, you surely have a dirty mind. ;)

8. Pulp fiction test.

Did you see John Travolta at first or Samuel Jackson? If you saw John Travolta, then it reveals that you try to connect the dots in life to make a bigger picture. If you saw Samuel, then you're the kind of a person who always keeps the bigger picture/vision in his/her mind.