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Ever Wondered What Your Blood Type Says About Your Relationship?

Ever wondered how some people in Japan get their date and learn about a person just from knowing their blood type? Recently, I came across an article and got to read about this which left me totally amazed.According to Japan Today, a woman can choose an ideal husband by knowing his blood type. They have proposed an astrological theory about what type (personality trait) of people exist in different blood groups and what connection it has with relationships and lovemaking.Keep reading to know more!

What type of things does blood type reveal? 

How comfortable and enjoyable does your partner make you feel while making love and do they enjoy your process? According to researchers, these are some types of questions which can be answered by just knowing the blood group of a person.Note:- All the images are used for illustration purpose only. They don't suggest celebrities and their correct blood groups.

Different preferences of different groups.

As we very well know that there are different types of blood groups, in the same way, people have their unique preferences for the kind of lovemaking they want. So, let us now know about them.  

'A' Blood Group 

The people of this blood group are not comfortable in dirt talking and even don't like to talk about the sexual intimacy. But, they are known for maintaining relationships positively once they get comfortable with their partner.  

Prefers new experience.

According to reports, the people of 'A' blood group love to try new things in bed. The best-suited partner for this blood group's people should have type AB or a type O blood. 

'B' Blood Group 

The people of this blood group enjoy being at the center of the stage. They fall in and out of relationships very often and are known for making friends with ease.  

They are heartbreakers. 

Type B people are passionate and know how to surprise their partners. However, they are also known for breaking hearts, and the blood groups compatible with them are 'O' and 'AB.' 

'AB' Blood Group

People with this blood group are known for chasing their passion and dreams. They are adaptable and can fall in love with someone easily.  

Can resolve boredom. 

The people with this blood group are known for not letting their partner get bored. They are compatible with 'A' blood type because of their calm persona. 

'O' Blood Group

The people of this blood group are known for their romantic nature and strength. They are also good advice giver and have passion towards their work.  

Playful as partners.

They are playful and generous as lovers. 'O' type people are known for making their relationships work with almost every blood group.