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Famous Celebrities Who Gave Us A Chance To Peep Into Their Private Life 

Being a celebrity means you can afford anything you want, and in some cases, you may also get an easy access to the places where ordinary people have to stand in a queue. For instance, if you need the ticket to a basketball match, you may have to work hard for it; but that's not the case with celebrities, with just one call they can most probably get any seat of their preference. That's what being a celebrity means, right? But that's not the similar case with all of them. Some of them really like to keep it modest.Recently, we came across a lot of social media posts from different artists who shared their daily life with fans and gave them a chance to peep into their private life only to make them realize that they're just like them.Have a look!

When you're too tired to get into an argument.

Sarah Jessica Parker did something like this when she sensed that the person right in front of her seat in an airplane is stalking her and clicking her pictures.

Drew Barrymore

It seems like Drew has found her paradise, isn't it? Look at that smile on her face.

Save you car

The legendary actor, Tom Hanks posted several pictures on his Instagram in a way that'd make people wonder if he is stealing a vehicle. 

Julianne Moore

Well, we must say that this lady has got some real good photoshop skills. Look at the creative way in which she has gifted herself mustaches and beard.

Cameron Diaz 

Wait, can't you spot Cameron in this picture? Oops, she's behind the camera; clicking and sharing photos of her homegrown tomatoes.

Halt! It's Wolverine.

Do you remember this post from Hugh Jackman? Well, it seems Wolverine likes to catch fishes in the ocean.

Karl Lagerfeld 

It was her cat's birthday when Karl Lagerfeld shared this picture on Instagram, giving us a little chance to peep into her bedroom.

Who's that girl?

Well, that girl is Drew Barrymore (again), and the actor is Adam Sandler. Drew shared this picture on Insta with the caption, "Me and my partner at the international photo shoot for #BLENDED."

Lena Headey

The British actress and Game of Thrones star, Lena Headey, turned from queen of Iron Throne to the queen of bees.

See yet another American actress on the list.

Well, pictures like these (of celebs) hardly come out on the internet, but what's interesting to notice here is that Goldie Hawn shared this photo of her on Instagram with her fans. Looking full and content, isn't she? 

Does it look any special?

It's the picture of Naomi Watt's birthday celebration. Pure, elegant, and without any expensive ceremony. 

Gaga - Dog

That's one of the three French bulldogs which Lady Gaga has. One of them even has its own Instagram account. 

Ian McKellen

Ian has recently appeared in the films like Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Beauty and the Beast, and what not. But we bet you've never seen him feeding his chickens, have you?

Liz Hurley

Well, she's not only saving her money on the gardener, but that's some physical exercise too. Liz Hurley shared this photo of her with fans. 

Martin Scorsese

Hey you, Martin invites you all with donut float. Wait, I'm just kidding.

Aren't celebrities just like us?

I mean, you look at Shakira; she's painting her nails like a regular girl.

Sophie Marceau

What do you see in this picture? I'm seeing a lot of French charm.


Well, that's a peek into the private lives of Avengers when they're off-camera.

Gal Gadot

Between her busy schedules, while shooting, Gal Gadot gets involved in a lot of creative stuff to reduce the stress. 

Liv Tyler

Mother of three, Liv Tyler spends most of the time with her kids. She keeps sharing pictures of her babies on Instagram.