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Don't Perform These Acts Under the Sheets, They May Cause Cancer

'Precaution is better than cure!'This has been proven time and again and is very much valid when you are intimate with your partner. Pleasure is a part, but precaution is as necessary. Unprotected intimacy many-a-times results in guilt and this spoils all the satisfaction of the pleasure!When we are in the feels there are a number of risks. Here we do not intend to hamper your feelings by any means, we are trying to bring to your knowledge the chances of cancer that are associated with a lot of sex acts. From kissing to fingering, there are possibilities of cancer in a lot of acts. Today, you will see that the millennials have been more into this knowledge about various acts and their repercussions. Here we list acts, that must be performed with full caution, as there are chances of cancer. Do not get so swayed in deriving pleasure that cleanliness and health take a back seat. 

#1. Oral Sex and its repercussions under untidy conditions.

Well, most of you must be aware of this act and how is that done. The essential roles here are played by the tongue and the lips. FYI, it is called ‘fellatio’ when it is performed on the male by the female partner and ‘cunnilingus’ when performed by the male on the female partner.

When one indulges in this act, the chances of transmission of Human papilloma virus (HPV) increase.

This can cause cancer of the mouth and the throat. This HPV that is transmitted can get into the cells of the mouth and throat leading to the mutation in the genes of the cells hence causing cancer of the mouth and the throat. Source

#2. Unprotected vaginal intercourse.

There is much awareness and ample campaigns doing the rounds, informing people about the side effects of unprotected sex. Apart from enlightening the public with contraction of HIV, there are chances of cancer too, which is slowly being brought to light.

When there is no protection during the act, under the sheet, 

There is contact with body fluids such as semen, saliva, vaginal secretions, these act as media for transmission of viruses e.g. HIV, HCV, HBV and HPV. These are present in the cells of the skin around the genital regions. The adverse effects of this are- it can lead to cervical cancer from HPV; HIV can lead to Kaposi’s sarcoma and liver cancer from HBV and HCV.Source

#3. Unprotected Anal sex.

Unprotected sex, that too, the other way increases the chances of bruises in the delicate regions of the anal mucosa. Homosexual men have been known to have a higher chance of HIV(human immunodeficiency virus), HPV, HBV(hepatitis B virus) and HCV(hepatitis C virus) transmission.

This can lead to anal warts and cancers of the anal region.

Also, with the transmission of HBV and HCV, liver cancer can also be a repercussion.Source

#4. Fingering.

Image courtesy: petitesluxuresGenerally termed to be harmless, the act of deriving pleasure simply by the play of fingers, does has some chances of transmitting the viruses.

Sores and slight bruises in the fingers can be the entry point for viruses into the body.

HPV virus can enter the body through the bruised fingers, who have played magic. This can enter into the cells and alter the genetic makeup of the cells causing an uncontrolled growth of the cancerous cells.Source

#5. Kissing

The exchange of saliva while kissing can act as a medium for the exchange of viruses like Epstein Barr Virus (EBV).

This virus can cause infectious mononucleosis commonly referred to as “the kissing disease”. 

This virus has been known to be transmitted via the mouth of an infected person during kissing to a susceptible partner. The EBV virus also implies risks of Hodgkin’s lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes) and nasopharyngeal cancer.We hope this piece worked as an informative one for you. Lastly, be cautious and always use protection while in the act!Do share with your friends to keep them safe.