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15 Dangerous And Gross Foods People Eat Just Because They Taste Good

Our appetite for tasty food is rising day by day. Earlier, when humans were still living in the forests, they used to eat everything and anything eatable they could find while hunting for food, without even realizing it can kill them. Today, when eatables are quite easily available to the majority of the world population, there is a lot to be taken care of.We are seeing a lot of development in the agricultural and organic farming sectors, and we're also continuously developing more dimensions to increase the quality and quantity of food production worldwide. But in the race to produce more and more, are we giving attention to what we eat? Not everyone, we'd say. Some people from around the world are eating food which they might or might not know could be dangerous to their health, and we have compiled the list of some of them to let you know.Have a look!

Fugu (Pufferfish)

Fugu is a Japanese word for a Pufferfish, which is one of the most loved parts of their cuisine. The liver and intestine of this contain a toxic chemical, tetrodotoxin which is harmful to humans. In 2015, media reports suggested that five people died in Japan after eating Fugu.

Casu Marzu (A type of rotten cheese).

Casu Marzu is also known as Sardinian Maggot Cheese which comes from Italy. It is prepared by blending maggots in a sheep's milk. Casu Marzu is banned in the USA.

Sannakji (An octopus)

Koreans eat Sannakji octopus alive. The octopus is very sticky, and it is said that it doesn't lose its power to stick even after dying. Statistics suggest that six people die every year because its tentacles get stuck in their throat. It is also known as choking hazard.


Bullfrog is quite a famous dish among Africans. The bullfrog contains a lot of chemicals in his body which can get its consumer killed.

Tegillarca Granosa (blood clams).

Tegillarca Granosa is a famous seafood from China. It's infamous because eating this can cause Hepatitis A, E, and Typhoid. 


Hakarl is a sleeper shark which is the national dish of Iceland. It is soaked for more than six months before allowing it for eating. The absence of kidney in the sleeper shark Hákarl increases the chances of its body being poisonous even when it looks healthy from outside.

Echizen Kurage (Nomura's jellyfish)

As you can see in the picture above, Echizen Kurage is a jellyfish which is eaten mostly in Japan. Some parts of its body are harmful to the human's health.


Fesikh is one of the most loved dishes in Egypt; it is eaten especially on the occasion of Sham-el-Nessim festival. A lot many people enjoy this meal at the festival which causes food poisoning in many cases.

Money brains 

A lot of countries in Aisa enjoy eating Money brains partially or wholly as food. The brains cause variant Creutzfeldt Jakob disease among people which leads to dementia and death.  


Cassava contains a life-causing substance which is called as Linamarin in South America. If you eat it raw, then Linamarin could turn into cyanide. 


It's not a food, but a fruit. Leaves and roots of this plant contain cyanide. If you mistakenly eat it raw, then it may cause you diseases like Diarrhoea.

Raw nuts

Raw nuts contain a chemical compound called Urushiol that can cause different allergies in humans.

The seed of a cherry

It is said that whenever you're eating a cherry, you should never engulf its seed. The reason being, seeds of cherries have a chemical compound, hydrogen cyanide in them.

Starfruit or Carambola

If your kidney function is impaired, then eating Starfruit could be dangerous and even deadly in some cases.