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Sia Shared Nude Picture On Twitter When Someone Tried Selling Them Online

Australian singer, songwriter Sia is not the first celebrity to have her bare pictures leaked online. But, Sia's reply to paparazzi who tried selling her nude picture is unique and epic in its own way.On November 6, she took to Twitter and shared a photo of her derriere with a classy caption, "Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free. Every day is Christmas!"What's more interesting to notice here is the reaction which she has gotten from her fans.Have a look!

Now this is what you call, embracing yourself.

Sia perfectly knows how to hit someone back. But before you look at her photo, I want you to have a look at her fans' reactions.   

The singer has been getting some epic replies on her 'bare butt' post on Twitter.

Looks like so..

While there are some who started body shaming her.

Aren't you getting a bit excited to see her picture? Scroll below.

On the contrary, some fans appreciated what they saw.

People even loved this attitude of her and said that's certainly a way to deal with it.

A brilliant tweet by Sia!

The singer diminished the price of the hard-earned picture of her butt which paparazzi had put on a sale. Now you can't sell something which already served to 3.2 million people in the world. 

She tweeted next...

However, when it comes down to what people think about celebrities and how their personal life is perceived; it needs to change drastically.