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This Is How Historical Movie Characters Looked In Real Life 

Many actors in Hollywood have portrayed historical characters, and some of them even became very famous for their historical portrayal. These characters allowed us to imagine how the ancient figures would've looked in real life. But, not always the representation of a person is same as it was in real life. At times, some movie producers and directors give their own twist to the real-life characters, so that s/he can suit perfect to their audience.Here in this story, we have gathered the pictures of movie characters and how they looked in real life. The pictures will tell you how filmmakers made changes into the historical figures to fit in their movies and script.

1. William Wallace in 'Braveheart'

The movie was nominated for 10 Academy Awards out of which it won five. But, if we talk about the historical accuracy, the movie failed tragically. Mel Gibson's William Wallace is shown as a nationalist guerrilla whereas, in real life, he was a Scottish Gentry. Also, if you look closely, the movie character never had a beard while the original one had a full beard.

2. Joan of Arc in 'The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc'

Milla Jovovich portrayed the character of Joan Arc in the movie, and her character was anxious and hysterical. But if History is to be believed, she was highly compassionate and intelligent. 

3. King Henry VIII in 'The Tudors'

Jonathan Rhys Meyers has close to no match to the real King Henry VIII whom he portrays in the movie as far as their physique is concerned. 

4. Alexander the Great in 'Alexander'

Many people say that there were many historical inaccuracies in the movie. But, one noticeable thing was the blonde detailing in the hair of a historical figure which we all saw in Colin Farrell's Alexander. 

5. Xerxes I in '300′

Rodrigo Santoro played the character of the Great Xerxes. The portrayal was not at all similar to the one in real life. Rodrigo's character was decorated with gold ornaments, and that was not the case with real Xerxes. 

6. King Leonidas I in '300′

Leonidas I is believed to be the greatest Spartan, and Gerard Butler also portrayed the character of the great king in the same brave way. If you leave the attire, rest all look quite identical.

7. King Arthur in 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword'

Starting from the real King Arthur. There are many questions raised whether someone like King Arthur existed or not, but if we go according to historical records, then yes, there existed one. Many movies on King Arthur have been made, and we have taken the recent one that is portrayed by Charlie Hunnam as an example. The movie is very different from the real one, but it is still great.  

8. Cleopatra in 'Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra' 

Monica Bellucci portrayed the character of Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra in the film, but she is not the only one. The character has been portrayed by many actresses in the past including Vivien Leigh, Sophia Loren, and Elizabeth Taylor. The beauty of Cleopatra was depicted in the same way as she was in real life.  

9. Salvador Dali in 'Little Ashes' 

If we listen to the critics, then Robert Pattinson portrayed the character of Salvador Dali in a genius manner, but the mustaches chosen by the makeup artists ruined the accuracy. 

10. Emperor Commodus in 'Gladiator' 

If we talk visually, then there was nothing wrong with the character of Emperor Commodus portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. But, the movie had some accuracy problems as Commodus ruled the Roman Empire between 180 and 192 AD and in the movie the time period is not shown accurate.