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30+ Unusual Pictures You Need To Look At Twice To Understand

Photographs take you back in time, they tell you a story of your past and make you feel nostalgic. Thanks to the camera, it wouldn't have been possible without it. Especially that sharp lens at the back of your phone. Clicking pictures has never been so easy, but as they say, "With great power comes great responsibilities." You can take thousands of pictures on your phone, but that'd be just eating your phone's memory if they're not worthy enough to share with the world. While the nature of photography can vary, the perfectly timed photos that are hilarious, memorable, and deserve a share on the internet, are what we've compiled here. Have a look!

The desert curves captured by Ivan Slosar.

Flip perspective photography captured by Chloe Smith.

A pile of timber reflecting in a puddle by Florian Schaller.

A perfectly timed picture of Raccoon.

An equilibrist cyclist on the bus cables, captured by Enrico.

Moderately photoshopped picture of House on Fire Ruin by John Fowler.

Can you tell which is the right perspective? Captured by Alin Popescu.

Fabio Cucchi captures strange deer. Wait, is it really strange or we're just tricked?

When you go down in a forest, Donald Verry.

A picture of an ocean reflecting the inside sea, by Sarah Lee.

Metropolitan building in Detroit, captured by Scott.

Transparent water of Montana.

Lisboa illusion captured by Kubra.

Duck in the lake by Tomy Angel.

Like a street by Gaetano Manitta.

Camel on camel illusion by Khush Savjani.

Fog in the forest at the morning hour.

Half here, half there picture taken at Brookfield Zoo outside Chicago by Eric.

An illusion created by intense reflection.

Deception captured in Vienna, Austria by Patrick.

Perfectly timed pictures.

The lost face, anonymous.

An optical illusion by David Orias.

The golden gate bridge, San Francisco.

An ocean full of ships, captured by Gianmarco Giudici. 

Hey, is that cat's name shadow?

Can you spot what's wrong in this photo?

Yeah, those two shoes in the middle are placed strategically.

Making the 'X' with their bodies.

A reflection of the sky in a puddle looking like a starry night.

A big and beautiful apartment that I can't afford? Nope, that's the inside of a Guitar.

A beautiful view from space.

You assume it's Earth? No, it's not. The picture above is a frost roof of my neighbour's car. 

Someone, please call firefighters! Wait, that's a reflection of Sun.

This Mossy Rock is tricking people as a tropical island! 

A caterpillar? No.

A painting?

No, it's not a painting. This is a Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia.

Does it appear like mounted on a wall?

A building trying to copy President Trump's hairstyle.

The bow of a sunken ship looking like a giant fish's mouth.

Did you also see a witch in that old log?