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10 Common Reasons Responsible For Weight Gain

Have you tried everything to lose weight, and still nothing has worked? Did you overlooked that cheese-filled pizza and involved yourself in the world of diets and exercise.Yet, you returned with nothing but a flabby belly to show for it? But, have you ever thought that maybe you were doing it wrong all this time. And now that you are aware, you should know that there might have been some important steps that you missed. With multiple sources claiming different solutions, it can be hard to distinguish which is right, and which is wrong. But, luckily, we have compiled a list of reasons you did not know that make you gain weight. Hopefully, this list of tips will help you knock away those pounds and finally ring the bell in your fight against weight gain. Here are 10 reasons you are still gaining weight.

1. Not going outdoors

Once you wake up, open the curtains. Light helps ignite your body’s metabolism so don’t stay in the dark for too long. At least 20-30 minutes of outdoor sunlight is enough to affect your body mass.

2. Skipping breakfast

Many people skip breakfast. Try to eat a healthy breakfast. Also, try to eat healthy throughout the whole day.

3. Not taking 7-9 hrs sleep

When you don’t sleep enough you are increasing a weight-gaining hormone called cortisol. Too much sleep and you are still increasing your body mass. Experts recommend 7-9 hours a sleep for a healthy balance.

4. Keeping your bedroom messy

Keeping your bedroom clean and comfortable keeps environmental toxins out and can impact the quality of your sleep. Remember it’s not only the quantity but also the quality.

5. No proper weight measurement routinely

Make it a habit to weigh yourself daily so that whenever your weight doesn't reduce as per plan, you can always have the space to adjust the routine of food.

6. Leaving no space in your stomach

Our parents taught us to eat everything on our plate. You should not always eat until you are full. The Japanese use a trick where they split their meal into 10 segments but only eat 8. If this trick doesn’t work, use a smaller plate, that way your portion will appear bigger.

7. Using zero calorie soda

Do you think zero calorie soda will keep you slim? Wrong. Zero calorie sodas are filled with synthetic estrogen which affects your thyroid gland, leading to weight gain.

8. Sleeping with lights on

Sleeping with the lights on lowers the quality of sleep. This can lead to health problems like obesity.

9. Not taking regular walks

Are you a couch potato? Resist the pull of your couch or office chair and spend more time on your feet. A couple of extra hours of couch time a day can increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

10. Awake late night and using phone

Keeping yourself awake late at night and continuously using cell phone may be a reason for not just a bad lifestyle but also responsible for your eyes damage.That's all folks!Like, share and comment in the section below.Stay healthy and fit.You may reach out to me at richac@wittyfeed.com