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15 Rare Pictures of Famous Wrestlers Before Joining WWE

Many times I wonder how wrestlers would've looked before joining the World Wrestling Entertainment. So, I decided to make a story entirely based on their old pictures. These pictures of wrestlers were captured during their early struggling days before making it big in WWE. These photographs will show you how they have evolved. Some of the wrestlers on this list have already left WWE while some are still associated with the company. From bodybuilder John Cena to hairy Stone Cold, here we have gathered some of the rarest pictures of famous wrestlers before they joined WWE. 

1. John Cena

The 16-time World Champion was once a bodybuilder. He participated in many different bodybuilding events before getting into wrestling. Cena made his official debut on WWE's main roster in 2002.  

2. The Rock

The Great One has also tried many professions in his lifetime. He started his career from football, then switched to wrestling and now is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. 

3. Triple H

Blonde Hunter Hearst Helmsley? Well, Triple H was known as Terra Ryzing at the beginning of his career in 1992. He joined WWE in 1995 and is still rules the stage, more or less.

4. The Undertaker

The Last Outlaw of WWE seems intimidating from the start. He started his wrestling career in 1984 and also played basketball for the Rams from 1985–1986.

5. Big Show

The Giant was also a basketball player in the past. Other than basketball, he has tried several jobs which include bouncing, bounty hunting, and answering phone calls. In 1999, he signed the contract with WWE and had been dominating the squared-circle ever since.

6. Randy Orton

The Apex Predator belongs to a family of wrestlers. He is a third-generation superstar who signed the deal with WWE in 2002.

7. Brock Lesnar

Yes, this young fellow in the picture is The Beast Incarnate. He started to focus on wrestling from a young age. Brock has also been the part of UFC.

8. Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Texas Rattle Snake had hair before joining World Wrestling Entertainment in 1995. He has done many things which most of the wrestlers cannot even dream about.

9. Roman Reigns

The Big Dog is currently the center of attention in World Wrestling Entertainment, but before achieving all the fame in the wrestling business, he played football.

10. Dean Ambrose

The Lunatic Fringe has been associated with many wrestling companies. He has been in the field of wrestling since 2004, but his hard work paid off in 2012 when he signed a contract with WWE.

11. Kurt Angle

The Wrestling Machine made his first professional wrestling appearance at 1996's Summer Olympics. He won the gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the event and then made his first appearance in WWE in 1999.

12. Goldberg

Bill was a professional football player before joining World Championship Wrestling. He is mainly known for his winning streak, and that was 173-0.

13. Batista

The Animal has worked as a barber and a cab driver before joining WWE in 2000. He is 'semi-retired' and is also an actor.

14. Seth Rollins

The Architect also has some similarities with the career of Dean Ambrose. He started wrestling at a young age and is currently part of WWE's main roster.

15. Braun Strowman

The Monster Among Men is currently dominating the squared circle, but before that, he won many championships in bodybuilding and competitions involving strength. WWE signed him in 2013. That's all for now, folks!