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Ever Wondered How The World Leaders Would Look If They Were Hipsters? 

Amit Shimoni, a Tel-Aviv based professional artist has created illustrations by designing the world-famous leaders as hipsters. Shimoni started the 'Hipstory' project back in 2014, and his work has gotten published in several media publications before.For him, it all started with his love for travel and explorations. Initially, 'Hipstory' was just a part of his final academy project which he had to do in Visual Communication subject. Today, Shimoni operates a design studio Amit Shimoni Illustrations which collaborates with brands from around the world.WittyFeed interviewed the artist to know his ideology and thoughts behind these illustrations, and this is what he said.Have a look!

The great scientist, Albert Einstein.

In a brief interview, Shimoni said, "I always loved art, I used to draw on my bedroom walls as a teenager. During my military service (age 18-21) I started painting abstract art expressing my emotions of that chapter. After my military service, while backpacking Northern India for a few months, I finally acknowledged the purpose of my life-creating affordable art."

Indian freedom fighter and the world famous philosopher, Mahatma Gandhi.

Amit Shimoni is married, and he lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel with his wife Noga and their adorable pet dog, Adam.

Former American President, Barack Obama.

On February 2015 at the age of 28, artist Amit Shimoni was selected for the most promising people 30 Under 30 by Forbes Israel.

16th American President, the legendary Abraham Lincoln.

Apart from his art, Shimoni also guest lectures at the various campuses to promote his vision "why art should be more affordable, and how everything is happening with the help of social media."

German chancellor, Angela Merkel 

Shimoni says that his idea of Hipstory series was simple, he wanted to re-imagine all the great world leaders in the modern times. 

Russian President, Vladimir Putin

Amit believes, "In our era, the major ideologies are lost, we have grown tired, or perhaps too smart, to follow big systems of simple ideas and beliefs. But are we losing anything else in this process? With less to hold on to, we are becoming global beings - focused more on our selves and less on society and ideology."

Queen Elizabeth II

Shimoni shares further, "Hipstory wishes not to criticize this process, but to open a new window of thinking to the way we look at ourselves today and the people who inspired us from our past."

First black South-African President, Nelson Mandela

It means, Hipstory doesn't talk about political matter but about the generation Y.

The black civil rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr.

Amit finds a lot of difference in his generation, generation-Y and the belief system of these great leaders from the past.Shimoni thinks that his generation is growing more self-obsessed as it's continuously chasing fashion, trends and without even realizing the meaning of life. 

The dictator, Kim-Jong-un.

Hipstory series and the entire project is a mirror, a mirror that will make you smile at first and then forces you to think.

Former American First Lady, Hillary Clinton

When Amit Shimoni was asked about what is a hipster to him, he replied by stating "It's an imbalance that Y-generation is facing these days, as they are trying their hard to be more unique."

35th American President, John F. Kennedy aka JFK

When asked if Amit Shimoni is a hipster, he replied by saying "I'm a part of this generation."

Former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill

Artist, Shimoni shared his process of creating these illustrations and says he studies these great people as the world leaders first and then as a person for a few days. Then Shimoni decides on what twist and turns he can add to the art.Like for instance, on Obama's chest, you can find the words "Hope" and "change" which are slogans anyone can immediately realize.

Four great leaders, together.

Amit Shimoni is now working on Hipstory II series. It'll be about the characters who didn't fit the criteria of his first hipstory series. It'll feature outstanding people who were larger-than-life.

Princess Diana

Amit Shimoni is active across all the social media platforms, where he promotes his work.

Che Guevara

He said it beautifully when Amit Shimoni stated, "I think that art belongs on one's phone or coffee table just as it belongs in a museum. And when you think about it, Facebook, Instagram and Google are the world's greatest galleries."

Dalai Lama

At last, "I create something new and release it to the world, and I want everybody to be able to afford them to enjoy it," shares Amit Shimoni.