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14 Cringeworthy Pictures of Kids That Are Enough To Kill Your B

Being a child is sometimes equal to being drunk; everyone remembers what you did, while you're clueless about it. Thanks to our parents, who keep on reminding us of all the mischievous things we've done in the past. To cheer those memories of learning, and cluelessness, we're here with modern days' children who're learning and doing things that'll make you miss childhood even more.Have a look!

The child who decided to turn its parents' day shitty.

If you already found this picture to be extremely funny, the following pictures will touch a whole different level of fun. Also, in case you have kids around you at your home, you'll now know how savage can they actually be.

How to perfectly wash your legs, a complete guide.

And this baby who opened a salon at home.

What'd you do if you find a half-naked kid sitting on the road drawing something?

This child decided to rub all the jelly on his hair when the mother wasn't around.

A kid whose favorite movie surely has to be Annabelle.

She didn't want to go school, so she gave herself chicken pox.

Elder sister was busy studying, so he ran this car all over her.

This kid brought gum home and ended up using it this way.

Mom taught him how to cut a triangle on paper; the child continues to experiment.

This child took a bite of all the berries probably as a quality check.

Umm, maybe this kid read floor as flour and then it all started for her! 

This kid had issues, so he sorted all of them with tissues (if you know).