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Eight People Who Got Famous Worldwide Because Of Unusual Reasons 

Would you like to be famous?I know I asked a really stupid question. Why not! We all want to be famous. Being in the limelight, having heaps of fans, people asking for autographs, and media running behind for pictures, most of us crave for this prevalence, isn't that so? But I need to tell you that there are many people around us who got famous because of unusual reasons. They earned popularity for things that are so common but still enough to give them notoriety.And this is what we have up our sleeves, a few people who got famous on account of some strange reasons. You must have seen these people on social media but might not have given it a thought that what exactly made them go so viral. So c'mon, let's have a look at these individuals and their story.

#1. Mystery woman at Opening Ceremony of London Olympics 2012

An unidentified lady was allowed to gatecrash into Indian team's march past at the Opening Ceremony London Olympics 2012. The media reports now claim to have identified the "mystery woman".

She was Madhura Honey, a post-graduate from Bangalore

According to Times of India, a day after photos of the 'mystery woman' appeared in newspapers and went viral on social networking sites, a newspaper claimed to have identified the young lady as Madhura Honey, a post-graduate from Bangalore.

#2. A prankster from Manchester

Karl Power is a prankster from Droylsden, Manchester, known for appearing uninvited at sporting events as an impostor. According to the sources, he appeared in a photograph with Manchester United in 2001 and reached the podium at the 2002 British Grand Prix. 

He appeared at many places notoriously

He walked onto bat for England vs Australia in 2001 and was recognized when he removed his helmet and he even played a game of tennis at Wimbledon’s Centre Court before Tim Henman’s match.

#3. Turkish passport officials detained a woman from Ukraine because they thought she was lying about her age

Natalie Dzenkiv is a famous Ukrainian singer who was stopped at the Turkish airport for a reason that shocked many. According to the sources, the officials at the passport control stopped and detained her because they thought she looked 'too young' as compared to what was written on her passport.

The officials thought she might be in her 20s

They couldn't believe the fact that she was actually 41. The officials thought she might be in her 20s and might be using someone else's passport for her identity.

#4. Tank Man

Tank Man is the nickname of an unidentified man who stood in front of a column of tanks on June 5, 1989, the morning after the Chinese military had suppressed the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 by force. 

#5. A glamour model called 'too sexy for Instagram' 

Glamour model Elle Johnson dubbed 'too sexy for Instagram' was banned from the site for her VERY indecent snaps. The star claims that she hasn't broken any community guidelines. 

Instagram’s Community Guidelines tell members that they "don’t allow nudity”

According to Daily Mail, Elle also launched a 'free the cleavage' campaign to encourage empowerment.

#6. The 'success kid' 

Sammy Griner from Jacksonville, Florida, was 11 months old when he was dubbed the 'success kid' after his mother Laney posted a picture on Flickr of him playing on the beach.

Sammy Griner, now 11, had a recent picture posted on social media

According to the sources, the famous picture of Sammy was posted in 2007 and went viral in 2010 with many memes made using his image. The 'fist-pumping' child became a symbol to illustrate those small successes that make a person's day.

#7. Arshad Khan, 19, was photographed pouring tea at Islamabad's Sunday Bazaar

The picture was taken by photographer Javeria Ali. According to BBC, thousands of lovestruck Twitter users quickly shared the picture, falling for his piercing eyes, and #ChaiWala began trending across social media. Days later, Mr. Khan shot his first modeling campaign.

Soon an online shopping site based in Islamabad rushed to sign him up

The online shopping site is already using pictures of him modeling menswear. A message on its website and Facebook page read, "Chai wala is no more chai wala now he is fashion wala!"

#8. Man who was too sexy for Saudi Arabia

Omar Borkan Al Gala, poet, actor and internet sensation, one of the men who was considered as too sexy for Saudi Arabia. 

Men were removed from a festival...

According to Independent, three men were forcibly removed from a cultural festival in Saudi Arabia after religious police deemed the men "too handsome".That's all folks. I hope you liked the story.If you have an interesting story to share, please write to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com