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Can You Spot The Differences In These Intriguing Pictures?

How much you miss your childhood and that sitting idle and solving those head-scratching riddles and puzzles? I am sure, a lot! Thus, to shoo away those childhood blues in adulthood, here we get to some pictures wherein you have to identify the differences in them. The differences have been so meticulously planted that spotting them will surely feel like an achievement.Moreso, if you claim yourself to be blessed with those extra grey cells, then this is an open challenge for you. The distinctive qualities that geniuses are blessed with are an immense presence of mind and the obsession with details. So, here we invite you to have some fun time and ogle at these pictures to judge them enough to find the differences in them.Go ahead and spot!Do share with friends whom you would want to remind you of those childhood days.

#1. Has Emma Watson changed? In pictures!

Answer. Yes, she has!

#2. Spot the difference in this click of the athlete.

Answer. I doubt if this was easy to crack!


#3. Let me tell you, there are three very minute differences.

Here is the result. How many were you able to spot?

#4. A hint: There are 4 differences in this.

The answer.

#5. Spot the differences in this merry-go-round.

The answer.

#6. The beachside has changed a little. Find...

Answer. Three differences spotted.

#7. How has this beautiful entrance transformed?

Answer. At three spots.

#8. How many are you able figure out in this?


#9. Now, this is a difficult one.

Here's the answer.

#10. A challenging one at that!

Gosh! This was actually brain-rattling!

#11. Dig your eyes deep in this complex one.

Answer. I am sure this must not have been solved correctly. Or was it?

#12. Are there changes in the number of stripes on their bodies? Let's count them.

Answer. Alas, NO!

#13. Guess the differences in these vivid captures.