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Do You Know The Story Behind The Origin Of Both The Thors And Mjlonirs?

Marvel Comics recently released the third installment of Thor's inevitable journey in the form of Thor: Ragnarok, but there still remains some confusion among people about his origin. The fictional superhero debuted in the Silver Age Of Comic Books and was created by Stan Lee. He starred in several other comic books and is also the founding member of Avengers. After many years Thor was adopted in movies and fans expected to know about his origin, but it didn't happen. Only a few people know that Thor has his roots embedded in Norse mythology.Well, the simple meaning of this is that Thor is not just the creation of Stan Lee. I know many of you are surprised, but the origin of both the Thors is more than this. So, get ready for a thunderous ride and don't miss on any of the pages for something interesting is kept as a surprising revelation in the end.

Basically, there are two Thors.

Yes, you read that right. The first one is the mythological Norse God and the second is the one who we see in movies and comics. Both have very different stories of origin and how they received the hammer.  

The original King of Asgard.

The character of Thor which we see in the comics is based on the Norse mythological deity of the same name. He was more than just the God of thunder and lightning. Thor was associated with oak trees, strength, the protection of the Aesir Gods and also a fertility God. 

The birth of Thor.

According to mythology, Thor is the son of Odin and the personified Earth, Jörð. Thor's mother is a female Jötunn, an entity contrasted with gods and other figures.  

The appearance of Odin's son.

The strongest God had red beard and eyes. He was huge in size and had the diet of a giant. He closely resembles some of the Indo-European deities including Lord Indra. According to some scholars, Indra's slaying of Vritra and Thor's battle with Jörmungandr were almost similar.  

Are you feeling like Loki?

When I read about these things, I also thought that my whole life was a lie, just like Loki must've felt when he came to know that he is not the son of Odin.Now, let's know how the comics Thor was originated because it is not shown in the films. 

Odin's wish for a son.

Odin, who is the God of Asgardians' God wanted a child so that he can have someone who can take his place in future. For this, Odin visited Earth and tried to gain love from Gaea, the Earth's Goddess, and this is how Thor was born in a small cave in Norway.  

Raised in Asgard.

Odin took Thor to Asgard and was raised by his wife, Frigga. He grew up alongside Loki, his adopted brother and on his eighth birthday, Odin created the hammer Mjolnir for Thor and gave it to him after his training of eight years.But, it was not the case with Norse God, Thor. 

Most fearful and powerful weapon. 

Mjölnir was a result of Loki's bet to two dwarves named Sindri and Brokkr. According to mythology, Loki bet his head with Sindri and his brother, Brokkr by saying that they could never make beautiful items. So, the brothers decided to make Mjölnir.Keep reading to know more about the story. 

Loki lost the bet.

Loki lost the bet, and the brothers created the hammer, Mjölnir. But, it was not perfect, the length of the handle was not what the brothers planned, and that's why the hammer can be wielded by one hand.What happened to Loki's head and how did the hammer reach Thor? Keep reading, and we will tell you. 

Loki tricked the brothers.

Loki was a trickster, and he did the same thing with the dwarves. He said that they would've to cut his neck to remove his head from the body, but the neck was not the part of the deal. But, still, the brothers sew Loki's mouth as a consolation prize, and then the hammer was presented to Thor. The brothers also told something interesting to Thor about the hammer...

The properties of Mjölnir.

The dwarves said that Thor could stroke the hammer as hard as he wants and no matter what is in front of him, Mjölnir will not fail. The hammer would never fly so far that it could not return to his hand.This is how Thor's hammer was originated. Let us now talk about the final thing, and that's Ragnarok. 

What is Ragnarok?

Thor: Ragnarok has hit the theatres, but no one wondered about the word Ragnarok in the title. According to Norse mythology, Thor and most of the gods will die during a disaster. It will occur when Thor fights Serpent during the end of the world (known as Ragnarok). He will slay them, but also die by drowning in the beast’s poison.So, this one is the real story; you can watch comics' story in the theatres near you. If you liked the story, then share it with your friends.