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These Breakup Revenge Photos Made Me Thank God That My 'Ex' Was Nice 

Breaking up a relationship is not at all an easy task. People face a hard time when it comes to forgetting about their ex-partners, at least most of them if not all. Something similar happened in the incidences which you'll witness below, the couple decided to break up and then there was one among them who couldn't move on.Now, the twist in the tale is the one who couldn't move on decided to take revenge and is winning the heart of internet all over the world by posting the pictures publically on Imgur and Reddit. Looking at these pictures one can easily tell that it was indeed hard for them to move on.Thank God, my-ex was nice.Have a look!

This guy.

He took the revenge in a way not many can even imagine!

Funniest account name ever?

These two and their chat is gold, shitty gold!

Snowman? Hunter?

The guy made the best use of the costly wedding dress he had purchased for his wife. 

What would you do in case of a tattoo?

Well, just because the relationship is wasted, doesn't mean you'll have to regret getting the tattoo. Go to the studio again and get it re-done. It is as simple as that. 

Oops, that hurts.

It's too late now. Guy, you shouldn't have reminded her about the stuff; next time just go there and pick.

Ever wondered what happens to all the teddies after breakup?

Well, every girl has her ways of killing the stuffed toys they get from their ex. Apparently, they'll not keep them forever.

An educated but crazy ex.

She didn't do anything harmful but just made sure that it isn't easy for him to get inside the car in which she caught him with the stripper.

What kind of revenge is this?

Two lovers broke up last night. They used to live in the same apartment building. When guy woke up in the morning to find this. That's an expensive way to give heartbreak, isn't it?

Can you 'unlick' something?

Well, that's the most hilarious and unexpected text from an ex. She's true by the way, tongue never forgets.

That's a lesson for most of us.

It's like both of them decided to commit suicide by jumping. Guy jumps first, and girl changes her mind. 

A 'naked' woman.

Firefighters had to recuse a woman who tried to spy on her ex-boyfriend from the chimney at 5:00 AM.

Well, that's quite expensive; isn't it?

But if you judge this from her psychotic take at revenge, it's all worth it.

How to respond to a text from ex?

Well, that's how how you do it.

You know the best part about this?

She starred all the wrong words, so passerby won't mind being there for a long time.


Well, it seems Sandy Cheeks is not at all in a good mood to chat right now.

Now that's what I call a breakup.

It calls for a breakup party, and a pizza to share with no one. Isn't that amazing?

That's all, folks!