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10 Cute Things All Happy Couples Do Before Going To Bed 

What makes a 'happy couple'? Although in this busy schedule, not everyone has the whole day to dedicate to each other yet there are couples who live happily. And how is that possible? That is because happy couples are 'mature' and they have a few habits in common. What they do during the day matters as much as what they do in the evening and while going to bed every night. If you think that your night time activity has become dull, you might want to pay attention to things that some couples do before sleeping and stay happy.One relationship counseller Kac Young says "Couples who check in with each other about feelings and concerns are more likely to have an active and healthy connection which translates into a good sex life." And along with that, there are tit-bits that these couples follow to maintain a proper love-life balance. So, let's know what are those secrets!

1. Forget about work

Because why not? It’s bedtime and not work time. So, put that work aside as relations need time too. Put all of the work stress aside until tomorrow and think about how you can connect with your partner instead.

2. Resolve each other's issues

Going to bed resentful of your partner is going to have you waking up feeling bitter and disconnected. Happy couples don't go to bed angry. If you just got into an argument with your partner before bed, try to mend it just enough where you can find a little common ground before going to sleep.

3. Keep your phone aside

Not only does sitting on your phone take away from your quality time with your partner, but it could also mean you lose quality sleep. At night, your body produces Oxycontin to help you to get to sleep and the light from your phone can suppress the production of that hormone. So switch it off!

4. Go to bed at the same time

Going to bed at the same time as your partner can help to promote warmth and intimacy in your relationship. And let’s be honest, curling up to sleep with the person you love is an amazing feeling.

5. Compliment each other

It feels good to fall asleep knowing you are loved and cared for. Experts generally advise couples the homework of sharing with each other three things they appreciate about the other person while they are on the bed at the end of the day.

6. Follow a routine

Following a bedtime routine together can help your relationship to feel more intimate and grow trust between the two of you. Also, being in a routine will help your brain to prepare for sleep as it will know that bedtime is right here, right now.

7. Have intimate conversation

Some couples like to talk about their love preferences, choices they have while an intimacy, their feelings, their desires and their love towards each other. And that is a good sign their relationship is taking a good turn.

8. The couple snuggle

Oh, the joys of cuddling up with your boo and feeling all your troubles melt away. Just thinking about it can make us want to get under the covers! Isn't it?

9. Don't argue before sleeping

They say ‘don’t go to bed angry’ for a reason, people! You’ll both find it harder to get to sleep and you’ll be in a terrible mood when you wake up tomorrow. There’s no winning with this one!

10. Don't drink or smoke before bed

Alcohol and nicotine cause insomnia. And I'm sure no couple would want to spoil their sound sleep and that's not what you need at bedtime.That's all folks!Note: Images above are only for illustration purpose.Like, share and comment in the section below.You may also reach out to me at richac@wittyfeed.com