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10+ Hilarious Wedding Photographs That Are Famous For All The Wrong Reasons

Marriage is a special occasion, be it for the couple or for the guests. It's like reuniting with your friends, family, and coworkers and everyone on the same day. You know that every moment on this day is a life-long memory that'll be remembered forever in photographs. It's a serene feeling.Apart from all the gifts which you're going to get, you also know that this day might not come back in our life again, and that's why you hope to enjoy it to its fullest. You plan everything and keep yourself ready, but tell me how often things go as you plan? Not always, and we learned it on Reddit where people shared fond memories of their wedding which became famous, but for all the wrong reasons.Have a look!

#19 Like this one!

You know that she's 'the one' for you when she's sitting in her wedding dress outside the church and denying to handover the booze.

#18 Beautiful blue and white.

When you decide to see all blue and white on your special day, and then realize that a little girl has planned to add something green and sticky, just for the flavor.

#17 A unique wedding.

Most of the people want something special on their wedding day, but getting bit by a rattlesnake is way too unique.

#16 Who is this man?

I'm wondering if this man was part of the wedding ceremony or he just happened to come on the beach and then photobombed this picture.

#15 Taking romance a step ahead.

Everyone wants to have a romantic picture on their wedding day, but getting it clicked during high tide is not at all a good idea.

#14 Part of the family.

If this cat is part of the family, then she surely deserves to be in this picture; but where and how? I guess this couple didn't think too much on this front.

#13 Gender neutral

Who says flowers are only for girls? This guy is enjoying flower rain on his wedding better than any girl.

#12 When you invite celebrities to your wedding.

Sad, it turns out that no one wanted to attend this lavish wedding apart from the white Batman.

#11 Perfectly timed photograph.

Again, it's the mastery of a photographer who clicked the perfect picture of these couples even when all of them were falling.

#10 It happens, when you're alone at the wedding. 

People usually don't go to a wedding alone, as they might feel lonely and bored at times. But, all of those who think like that, this girl in the red just proved them wrong. Look how much fun she's having all by herself.

#09 Can you spot what's wrong in this picture?

That girl in the white dress insisted on standing in between those two guys. Guys shared their dilemma with the photographer, and he asked them not to worry about it and photoshopped her out of the image. LOL.

#08 Spot the difference and beauty?

Well, the difference is both these men are of different race, and the beauty is they're together. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than this?

#07 It took her three hours to decide on what to wear.

This lady spent three hours of her life to decide what to wear to her best friend's wedding. Well, maybe she took way too long to decide.

#06 A see-through scene

When this guy was at someone's wedding, and all the bathrooms were choked, he looked for a safe corner without realizing it's not that safe.

#05 A scene, when someone is too dedicated to a job.

Apparently, this girl was enjoying her wedding when someone informed that earthquake has had occurred, she rushed to the site and did her journalistic job first.

#04 Where's the party tonight? In the pool, I guess.

What a perfectly timed photograph it is, kudos to the photographer. All the guests were meant to stand straight, but they ended up in a pool.

#03 Dude, you just got married?

Well, it's been just 30 minutes to their wedding when the photographer clicked this picture. The particular photo is a famous meme from pop culture.

#02 Excited about the food?

We're all excited about the food which is served at the wedding, but probably not this one as they're feeding Horse Ovaries.

#1 You don't get to see centaur everyday.

You must be fortunate to see a centaur in real life, and it becomes even more special when you see a man getting married to a centaur.That's all, folks!